Monday, October 23, 2006

Mormons, Mormons, Everywhere a Mormon

Washingtonians for Mitt Romney asks the question

Why are the journalists so insistent to cover the issue of "mormon faith" if it belongs to a Republican politician , but completely indifferent when it belongs to a Democratic one?

Maybe some of them are biased. Maybe they just don't like Mitt Romney. Or maybe it's because the democratic party doesn't normally drag religion into politics. Ya think?

The republican party has made a concious and deliberate choice to insert religion into the very heart of it's platform. You made the rules so kindly have a sit and a nice cup of STFU when it jumps up and bites you on the ass.

You made the decision to wear religion on your sleeves like some sort of badge of honour. Some of you have been more than happy to bash at what you call the "anti-Christian" left, gleefully swinging your hammer in the name of Jesus. More than sure of your stance when you let us know that to be a "true Christian" one must naturally vote republican.

We know that Harry Reid is a Mormon. We don't care. We care that he has kept his religion out of our politics. We care a whole helluva lot that he has been the strongest force in stopping your current Christian administration from shoving the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository up our collective asses here in Nevada. We care about that a lot. Don't dump your garbage in our yard assmonkeys, is that clear enough for you?

The media is in business of reporting what will grab their audiences attention. Reporting that Reid is a Mormon is not going to interest the democrats. It also is not worth telling the republicans because you weren't going to vote for him anyway.

Since at least some of your constituent base votes primarily on religious grounds, reporting that Romney is a Mormon may very well affect votes which makes it NEWSWORTHY.

You courted them now freaking deal with it.