Thursday, April 03, 2008

Who Watches This Stuff?

I've been trying to watch anything but the news this week and I've had way too much time on my hands minus the visiting grandchildren but this is not working out very well at all.

Just a few random thoughts:

Lewis Black ought to have stuck with stand-up because The Root of All Evil is about as smart and cutting edge as the writings in the average public bathroom stall.

Do I need to even mention the major networks? Slop operas, reality shows or crime dramas ad infinitum.

Daytime television should probably be outlawed.

When did the slop opera lives of people operating a tattoo parlor become fodder for a channel calling itself "The Learning Channel"? Learning what, how to be a clueless dimwit? Not sure which is worse, that or the one where you follow around a couple of chunkheads with gazillion children.

If there were a Jerry Springer Award I'd give it to VH-1. What I'd really like to see is a documentary on the people who actually watch this stuff, now THAT might be entertaining.

Ladies, if you wonder why "men do not respect us" just flip channels for a bit. We're portrayed either half naked wearing naught but a pound of make-up or put together and successful but eternally whining.

I finally watched The View. For an entire 15 minutes. Never again.

Telemundo is about the only station that regularly features people who look like your friends and neighbors but that's assuming your friends and neighbors also dress like hookers.

Japanese shows are terrific because you can make up your own dialogue. None of mine would make it past the censors.

I'm off to watch stock tickers, see you later.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

People With Better Things To Do

I remember posting last year when many were still cluelessly waiting for Al Gore to announce his candidacy that he is totally over us. Naturally my message did not get out there since now the same folks are cluelessly waiting for Gore to resolve the Democratic nomination. Hear this: ain't gonna happen. You'll be lucky if Gore even tells you who he's going to vote for because my bet is he won't.

People, get a clue, we, the American people, threw this guy out with the garbage and we are about to do same once again to another, possibly even more outstanding, candidate. Gore is sitting back laughing his ass off at us and rightly so. Exactly why in the hell does anyone believe Gore is going to take time and energy away from doing what he wants to do to attempt to save fools from themselves???

Following that train of thought I'm not at all worried for the future of Barack Obama. Worried about the future of the rest of us, yes, Sen. Obama, no. Gore and Obama are both great examples of People With Better Things To Do. Actually I'd include Bill Richardson in that group. All have a great deal to offer and all took the time to offer up their service but when rejected these are not people ala McCan't or Clinton who live only for the day they can be King of the Mountain. They are all people who will move on, do great things and simply shake their heads at the rest of us. They don't need us and they are not going to spend their lives trying to convince us that we need them, it's a one-shot, take it or leave it offer.

Gore can't very well say it but I can: we, the American voters, are too stupid to find our assholes in the dark with a flashlight. So there it is, Gore is not going to jump back on his white horse to solve the current dilemma because frankly Scarlett, he no longer gives a damn what we do.

Edwards will do what Edwards has always done, straddle the fence until he feels one choice or the other is "safe" for his political future. If that choice turns out to be wrong he'll offer up another of his now famous mea culpas. Repeat after me: never had a backbone and never will. The only truly smart thing the man ever did was marry Elizabeth. If you doubt that, watch
what happens when she's gone.

The whole "Clinton needs to stop" thing? Count me out, let her run it right into the ground because I'm having my own "frankly Scarlett" moment. She could not run anything into the ground without the help of her supporters so if we are stupid enough to nominate her then we most certainly deserve to get exactly what we'll get. Let the chips fall where they may. If we had ever really wanted better government and better leaders we'd have them.

Nations always end up with exactly the leaders they deserve and that includes the good old US of A.