Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Stuff to Do When Feeling Down

Some women go shopping or get their hair done. I'd be more depressed if I spent money then realized I had bought nothing of lasting value and I could give a flip about my hair so I go virtual house shopping.

Here are a few of todays top picks:

Larger than I really want and I need a yard but it's not shabby.

Don't want the house but I need that central courtyard.

I don't need it, probably could not afford it but I'm being unreasonable today so I want it.

And the winner is......

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Good News/Bad News

Gold is trading around $825 and silver around $15.50. Good news if you own some, bad news if the only bling you own is the crap you wear.

USD is now worth $.91 Canadian. Good news if you're Canadian, bad news if you just wanted to be. Caveat: if planning to beg from Canadians it's now good form to ask "Mister, can you spare 90 cents".

Fewer deaths in Iraq. Good news because, well, people not dying is a good thing. Bad news for anyone wanting us out of Iraq....most Americans don't care as long as we're "winning".

Mexico awash in silver & gold. Good news: fewer Mexican immigrants for us to fight over in the near future. Bad news: fewer Mexican immigrants for us to fight over in the near future.

Hollywood writers on strike. Good news: many series will not be returning from this break. Bad news: no Daily Show...turn off your TV and read the Scotsman.

Nevada will probably remain a Red State. Good news: we don't really matter. Bad news: I still live here.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

While I was pushing buttons and listening to the ever-retarded Fox business-for-the-gullible folks deny there was any problem whatsoever with our economy, that it is in fact "the best it has ever been", I thought I'd take a few screenshots for you. Straight off of the currency exchange.

Any more questions?

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Questions & Comments

Just some highlights for the week.

1. Hollywood screenwriters going on strike: Looking at what programming is on the major networks.....I can only view this as a good thing. Call it a garbage reduction program.

2. Speaking of terrible TV programming, the Emperor of White Trash is no more. Dog the Bounty Hunter chokes to death on his own stupidity. My only question is: why was this show ever on in the first place? More to the point, why was it on a network called "Arts & Entertainment"? Maybe it meant "Arts & Entertainment for the Incredibly Socially Retarded". Rumours of grievous mourning in Alabama.

3. Fredericka Whitfield is still a moron. Discussing the flooding in Tabasco, Mexico, "how are emergency response teams able to get into the area....if they have such a thing....." Yes Fredericka, they have such a thing "down there". They've even discovered things like electricity and motorized vehicles. Huaraches are optional.

4. West Virginia: where to go if you're a socially regressive, illiterate asshat. Let's build a fence around it.

5. Food prices increase at unprecedented rates and are expected to increase even more dramatically over the foreseeable future. Meanwhile U.S. farmers are fleeing to Mexico and Oklahoma attempts to deport all available laborers. Don't bother to call me when ya'll get hungry....I'll be sippin' margaritas on my rooftop patio in the altiplano by then.

6. Everybody Hates Hillary. This one rates a huge Whatever award from me. Arguments range between "she's a socialist who'll bankrupt our country" to "she's in bed with corporate America". One or t'other kids, can't be both. On point #1...considering she's made a great deal of money trading commodities I don't think so. On point #2...and the others candidates are not? This one is difficult for me to swallow, 'specially when it comes from people wearing Gap outfits, Bausch & Lomb lenses, Wolverine shoes, and carrying an Apple IPod in their pocket. I still prefer Obama overall but puhleeze, let's get real here.

7. Traders have feelings too, who knew? Todd Harrison nails my sense of overwhelming sadness as I reap profit in the wake of the destruction of my country. Those who saw the storm coming the most clearly are gaining the most....but we aren't terribly happy about it.

8. Retirement planning continues on the home front. Mexico is holding the #1 position and gaining....if this is Hannity's America he can have it back.