Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Get Out of My Coffee

I'm all for freedom, even for incredibly stupid people but please, don't even try to put me or people like me in with these nutbars and their Orgasm for Peace.

I'm seeing this posted all over the web and of course the wingnuts are trying to use it as proof-positive that all democrats are crazed hippies living in treehouses. Kindly fuck off. These folks are clearly a few bricks shy of a full load....just like a whole helluva lot of your constituents are.

Do you suppose part of the reason we keep ending up with nuttybars of both flavours holding public office might have something to do with our primary voting system? What would happen if, hypothetically, we had open primaries in every state and every voter could vote for one candidate from each party?

I'll tell you what would happen, the freaks and wingnuts would get kicked to the curb. Hard. The majority of voters would vote towards the center eliminating the farbies before they ever made it to the starting gate.

This is of course contrary to the interests of the fanatical fringe on both sides so I'm sure they'd fight such a proposal with their last dying breath but I'm okay with that...some things need to die.