Friday, December 22, 2006

Stupid, Greedy Fucks

I've been thinking about Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs and his $53.4 million dollar Christmas bonus for two days.

Yes boys and girls, that's 53.4 million. For one man who essentially does nothing but manage people who manage other people who move money around. That's it, he doesn't save lives, doesn't invent or produce anything, does not in fact contribute one single thing that could unarguably be held up as being of any real benefit to the world in general but he is rewarded in sums that would have made the pharaohs blush.

I like money as much as the next person does, I do believe hard work and innovation deserve to be rewarded, I understand that "everyone having the same" is not realistic nor will it ever produce great results, there have to be incentives for achievement.

I also believe there have to be some fucking limits. We passed those limits long ago here in the USA. We fiddled while much of the world starved and reaped more profits from their misery. Now we are reaping the results of our operating philosophy, we've turned it on ourselves.

We have working Americans living in cars and vans because they don't make enough money working their minimum wage jobs to pay rent in the cities they work in. Heaven help them if they get sick because medical care is something they can only dream about. We have entire schools filled with American born children who've never even considered the idea of going on to college, they've learned very early in life to have no dreams, it only gets you hurt. We have god-only-knows how many Americans who will live their entire lives never knowing the security of having their own home.

It's easy to just call them lazy or stupid isn't it? Absolves us of any responsibility, why should we have to give up any of our hard earned money or benefits for people who were too lazy or stupid to get their own.

I'll tell you why. Because you got where you are on their backs. You enjoy the lives you have because of them. They clean your houses, mow your lawns, babysit your offspring, wash your clothes, and work at all the little jobs that you need to keep your wheels oiled. They package your food, wait on you in stores and clean the bathrooms you piss in. Think about it the next time you feel like whining about losers wanting your money you puking fucks.

I leave you with Jamie Kilstein, enjoy.


konagod said...

Don't even get me started on those greedy corporate fucks!


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