Friday, January 05, 2007

Long Overdue Tribute to Asshole Fundies

I was responding to the comment Leftdog made on the previous post and turned into it's own rant.

"Lisa" was a random name that represents however many people I saw become like this, trust me, it was many. I could still probably give you at least 100 names.

They had a bus and would pick up all children who had agreed to attend so parents needn't even be bothered. They would bribe us to go with free candy and movie passes or sometimes activities like skating or a swim party. Of course most parents loved it, free childcare y'know, send the little buggers to church.

I even went once to one of their "missionary nights". I left home with a typical noisy, happy bus load of kids. I rode home with about 30 or 40 zombies. That's what it felt like anyway. There was only one other kid on the bus who hadn't run up to the pulpit to "accept Jesus into his heart" and become "born again". He was about as creeped out as I was.

A few would return to "normal" eventually and reject the whole thing. Most of them never did, they were forever too frightened by the horror stories we were fed about the terrible fates awaiting "backsliders". Most of it the sort of thing you are threatened with in chain letters...if you break this chain you will die in a horrible accident/lose your family/your dog will die/etc. Naturally we were also warned about the dangers of associating with the unsaved, for the older kids this extended to dating.

They were a bit more cautious about warning us away from our unsaved relatives, after all, they needed the tacit compliance of our parents to maintain their access to us but they emphasized our responsibility to bring our loved ones "into the fold". Nothing like guilt-tripping the parental units with organised religion.

They have no compunctions about saying or doing anything to scare you into towing their party line. When I was thirteen my elder sister was killed in a car accident. A "born-again" vice-principal at my school (Mr. Lair of Goddard High School in Roswell, fucking New Mexico, yes I'm calling you out you twisted fuck, how many more kids have you tortured with your sick garbage, looks like you're still at it) called me into his office about two weeks after she died for a little talk. He was happy to inform me that I would never see her again as she was not "saved" and was therefore burning in eternal hell-fire. Of course he did this for my own good as I was still alive and could be saved! I opted for eternal hell-fire.

I don't know that it's "brave" to say these things. More likely I've just reached my limit on how much anger I can stuff and now I've started writing and it's all leaking out. Maybe my cup of hatred overfloweth and I just want to personally and publicly vilify every single self-righteous piece of human garbage that ever fucked with me.

Most of all I'm scared of what I see happening all around me. I wasn't nearly so bent about it when I thought certain things were merely isolated incidents, always going to be a few fruits and nuts in the mix. They aren't isolated incidents though, people like this are running the country. Ruining the country to be more accurate.

We can stop them but thus far we've kept our mouths shut. Some of it has been political correctness, no speaking ill of any special group. Sorry but the Nazis were a special group and we needed to speak ill of them. I can think of a few other special folks we need to speak ill of but for the purpose of this post I'll stick with the Christian Right.

Some of our reticence has simply been old-fashioned common courtesy. Contrary to how it may appear based on what I write here, I don't run around verbally assaulting people in the public square. Normally I'm very polite, I don't curse at people or attempt to do them any injury or insult. I've bent over backwards most of my life to avoid these people or if that wasn't possible, to keep my opinions to myself so as not to create conflict or offend them. Perhaps I've been too polite, some people mistake tolerance and courtesy for weakness and acquiescence. Big mistake. I'm a lot of things, weak is not one of them.

The gloves are off you fundy bastards and I'm declaring war on you.


leftdog said...

Once again, dead on the money! (Bless you hahahaha)

Women on the Verge said...

Sign me up !! I'd LOVE to know exactly what Bible these sheeple are reading as they sip their "special" kool-aid. The most intolerant people I've ever met are the sanctimonious Bible-thumpers...

leftdog said...

I Will Survive

pesu said...

WOW! As an outsider, I do pride myself of having fairly broad idea about your society. I have also known and wondered about the stronghold the organized religion (Christian) has in your every day life and poltics.

This rant of yours, being a personal account with the horrific examples, brought it to me to another level. In the name of some twisted believes, brutal onslaughts like that can go on without punishment and are actually sanctioned by the governing bodies. How the hell an insanity like that became an acceptable norm and what is it with you Americans letting this sort of nightmarish nonsense to take over?

leftdog said...

It didn't happen overnight. There has been a slow and steady campaign by the christian Right to organize and register their followers for electoral purposes. Since many fundies (mama I love that word) generally tithe to their churches, there is no shortage of funds. Like mold growing in the basement, it happened quietly, slowly and out of sight until it reached sort of a critical mass and now we are where we are.

Not Your Mama said...

Oh, compared to other places (deeper in the "bible belt") I could have lived, I got off easy.

As far back as I can remember it's always been taboo to criticize most of the Christian churches. They can get away with knocking Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists or anyone else but unless you want to become a pariah you don't dare say anything about them.

What is it with us? Not sure, we're freaky. Think about it, the country was founded by Puritans that England was only too happy to be rid of, they were causing nothing but trouble there. Then we packed it full of younger sons who could never hope to inherit the family fortunes, and topped it off with criminals and anyone else deemed undesireable.

Americans are obsessed with not being Europeans. To the extent that we're willing to cut off our noses to spite our faces to prove we aren't like those "godless, liberal, socialist Europeans". If Europe decided to become Fundamentalist Christian Capitalists at least half of America would become Atheist-Socialists. For all our posturing about our "superpower" status I think we're still suffering from an inferiority complex.

Obviously we couldn't become more special by being God's chosen people as the position was already taken so we did the next best thing.

Toss in a dozen other factors but those are a couple that I think have a lot to do with it.

pesu said...

I am greatful to you both, leftdog and mama, for lifting this curtain of ignorance of mine. You got my puzzled mid, such as it is, redirected off from the dead end where it was spinning it's deflated tires.

beepbeepitsme said...

Gees mate that was excellent. Rip tear!

Anonymous said...

Omigawd! I love this refreshing post about the crew that gives Jesus a bad name! Keep going!


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