Monday, January 29, 2007

Screw the South, the West May Rise and Kick Your Ass

Nevada Up North has chosen and the verdict is We Need Richardson. My disclaimer is that we have never communicated so much as one word, this was in fact the first time I had even commented there so this is not a Nevadan conspiracy. It's an honest-to-goodness case of at least the two of us arriving at the same conclusion for much the same reasons. A good omen if one assumes that either of us might have an inkling of two things:

1. Which candidates might actually be able to make good things happen for the country and

2. Of those candidates, which one might actually be electable.

I'm not knocking the other candidates, I even really and truly like several of them but I gotta choose just one, right?

I like Hillary Clinton, I love Barack Obama, I like Kuchinich, I don't particularly dislike Vilsack or Dodd though I'll confess that as a lifelong southwesterner, I'm burnt on easterners and midwesterners and these two seem pretty regional in their outlooks. Edwards, well...he makes me cringe. Might be a personal bias, something to do with personal injury lawyers from North Carolina with great big, toothy smiles but ok, if he wins the primary I'll vote for him simply to vote against the right-wingnuts that I'm even more sick of. I won't be happy about it but I'll do it.

Yup, there really is an East-West-Midwest tug of war. See, the Easterners traditionally have treated the West like a redheaded step-child. Not quite good enough for the club Old Man, but you can clean our toilets and hand over all your resources, m'kay. The Midwest and the South, frankly Scarlett, leave our Libertarian souls screaming. Way too much trying to legislate in our bedrooms and crying Help, Help, me Rhonda for the federal government to "protect our way of life". Don't get me started on the ones that migrate here in herds, determined to change the West into their new nest-of-bible belt-values-with-a-better-climate.

You'd have to hear my better half to understand how deep this division runs. He firmly believes that the Civil War was a tragic mistake and we should have let the South secede. Nay, encouraged them to secede. Freed the people, gotten them out and then built a wall to keep Southerners out. He is not unique in this view. I used to think that was extreme, silly even. Not so much anymore, too much first hand experience with those folks, I now see his point. We voted for Titus but I firmly believe that Georgia drawl of hers is what got us stuck with Gibbons. A lot of Westerners will vote for a monkey before they'll vote for a southerner.

I have no idea how Richardson will play in the rest of the country but in the Western states I'm pretty sure he's the man.


UpNorth said...

Just FYI - has linked to this post

ryk said...

I like him, but I'm a politics junkie. Most of the people here in the midwest have never heard of him.

Not Your Mama said...

If he campaigns half as hard as he has promised to, they will soon.

Woozie said...

Shine my shoes and hush, stepchildren aren't allowed to speak. >:)

Holden said...

Add Philadelphia to your conspiracy. The gov is The Man. Back East, some of us have high hopes for him.

Women on the Verge said...

I like Hillary too, but was taken aback when I read that if Hillary were elected our country would have had a Bush or Clinton in the White House for a 24 years... much as I like her, I'm not hot on having political dynasties in the U.S.

I like Obama, but I'm still waiting for him to take some hard stands... he's incredibly charismatic and I'd vote for him in a heartbeat if he'd just clue us in as to what he really thinks instead of speaking in wide generalities.

Richardson looks good, don't mind Edwards ( although you do make a great point mama).

I don't even mind Ron Paul... hell, I'd consider the Easter Bunny if it would mean getting Commandant Cuckoo out of the White House...

Women on the Verge said...

Oops... I didn't mean to leave out Kucinich... I like him too, but realize that our shallow "Idol-ized" society that delights in kicking sand into the little guys face, taping it, and laughing at it as it plays on continuos loop with their fellow bullies will be unlikely to give him the time of day, then again, maybe I'll be pleasantly suprised when they look past his appearance... naahhhhh

Not Your Mama said...

Woozie: ;p. I still love you, now move to the west.

Holden: I had no idea! That really is good to hear. Love your blog too. I really don't hate ALL non-westerners, just been up to our ears in midwestern fundie-types driving us nucking futz out here.

WOTV: Actually my concern with Hillary doesn't really have anything to do with her name though I agree that for many that will be an issue. Overall I think she's a good candidate but I worry about how much she has to bend over to maintain a certain "image". I don't think we can afford to play those sort of games right now with so much at stake just to make a point and elect our first female. Much as I would love to see women make that leap I'm not willing to trade decisive action for 4 years of trying to appease the middle at this time.

Obama and Edwards: I have huge concerns about how either would affect our economy. I'm liberal, not looking to crash Wall Street. I'll give Obama this: I think he would learn fast. Edwards: I don't believe he'd care much as long as he got good press from his base. Also points to Obama on foreign relations, he could handle it. I can't even begin to imagine Edwards being taken seriously in the ME.

Same page with you on Kucinich, major surprise if he becomes a serious contender.

Someone please tell Biden nooooooooooo. Means well but always a day late and a dollar short. No time for slow learners.

Not Your Mama said...

Oh, Holden, let's lobby for Abbey to become required reading in our schools.

Iron Age said...

I live in the south. The idea of screwing the south is, no question, the BEST idea in U.S. politics. The south is America's third world region. We should have given them to Mexico. In the meantime, if we can marginalize them and cut off all their funding (they bleed the rest of the country), we can move the country forward.

Not Your Mama said...

Iron, I feel your pain. I grew up in NM which is/was the wests' version of a 3rd world country.

Which is another reason I love Richardson, he has moved NM forward, well, light years. If he could do what he's done in NM I have no doubts about his ability to do this for the country.

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