Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Are We Really This Stupid?

We've clearly established that Fox network is a barrel full 'o retarded wingnuts so that isn't even interesting enough to discuss at this point but wait a sec, what about those other networks?

We have MSNBC with their new "All Anna Nicole, All the Time" format. Ok, they do take occasional breaks to run Tucker Carlson Boy Moron, Chris "I Might Be a Conservative" Matthews and Keith "Preaching to the Choir" Olbermann.

Yes, that's correct, I rarely watch Olbermann. It would be pointless, he usually agrees with me and there is little or no discussion so other than perhaps gaining some comfort from the fact that at least someone shares most of my views there is nothing to be gained by watching him.

For sheer entertainment value the other two provide some positively side-splitting laughs. Just a few fun moments from the last week.

Tucker Carlson complaining about how much money former President Bill Clinton makes:

CROWLEY: ... the first dude has not addressed.
How much time will be spend in the White House? Who what will his role be in crafting policy? Will he be at the table?
Fascinating questions that they haven’t really touched. And so those are big question marks. But bottom line, Tucker, I mean, you believe in the free market.

CARLSON: Yes. Yes.

CROWLEY: The man is—the free market is running well.

CARLSON: Oh, absolutely. But he doesn’t believe in the free market, and that’s the difference.

Bill Clinton, one of the strongest supporters of NAFTA doesn't believe in the free market. Who knew, thanks for the tip Tucker. Little perturbed that Clinton is disgustingly rich and famous and you are a talking windbag on a cable news show wearing an ugly tie? Now move to the back of the class.

Yesterdays Hardball interview with Seymour Hersh was worth watching, no surprise there. Priceless moment came at the end of the interview when Matthews asked Hersh which issue he felt was the greatest threat to America from his list of fun things to worry about, Iranian nukes, Taliban resurgence, sectarian violence in Iraq, etc. Hersh's response? "George W. Bush".

Then there is CNN, the big boss of the cable news world. Let's see they have Lou Dobbs with his 15 minute rants after which he allows his guest-with-dissenting-opinion 45 uninterrupted seconds to state their case. Do I really need to say any more about the utter banal mediocrity of this man?

Paula Zahn's show raises a lot of interesting points for discussion, or they would be if she actually had talking heads capable of discussion. Sorry Paula, Bill Donohue and Debbie Schlussel don't cut it and while we are busily hammering on the subject of giving irresponsible networks credibility let's go ahead and hammer on networks and their hosts and anchors giving irresponsible, moronic, and hate-mongering pundits credibility. Let's just do that. I like you Paula but do yourself a favor and instead of endlessly debating why and how men and corporate America "define women" go eat something, gain a pound or two because you're starting to look scary. If your corporate bosses don't like it yank off one of your high-heeled shoes and poke out their eyes.

Sorry but this has a lot to do with why I can't get too excited about the "let's kill Fox" movement. They ARE biased, ridiculous, and nearly always playing to the lowest common denominator. At least a large percentage of the time so are all the other networks. Maybe it's time we looked at ourselves and why nutwing news has become the biggest winner in the ratings game. Tyrants only have as much power as people give them so if we are being controlled by insane idiots.........


RJ Adams said...

I don't think the problem is with those who realize the putridity of cable news and watch it for a laugh. Of real concern is the number of crazed saps who avidly lap up every word they say as divine truth. If we all switched to PBS or the BBC, the cable ratings would soon drop and the media corps would be forced to improve the quality of their broadcasting. Frankly, Lou Dobbs is regarded as a joke among top notch BBC journalists.

Not Your Mama said...

Frankly Lou Dobbs is regarded as a joke among diesel mechanics, dairy workers, housewives, and extremely unimportant bloggers in America too. What a coincidence.

We've gone completely insane and half the population doesn't even seem to notice.

Women on the Verge said...

Everytime Olbermann rants against Bush & Co. I feel like those sports fanatics who think they ARE the quarterback... Keith gets to say what I'd LOVE the chance to say to those thieving, amoral slithering snakes... ( sorry, no offense meant toward actual snakes)


Not Your Mama said...

I would watch if he went on say...O'Reilly. That might be interesting but I doubt he could tear the guy up any better than Jon Stewart did.

Guess I have that same kind of reaction to Stewart. Not what you'd call "in depth" but most of their wingnut crap isn't really worthy of serious reportage, it's a joke and probably most worthy of rebuttal by a comedian.

TomCat said...

Keith is good at cutting to the chase on occasion. And after all these years, to have someone who agrees with me on broadcast media is still a novelty. They are all giant corporations getting their money mostly from other giant corporations, so of course they are all biased.

cls said...

I watch Keith preach to the choir just so the corporate overlords at MSNBC know that I'm out here. My tuning in helps his ratings and keeps him on the air.

Women on the Verge said...

I love Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert too... problem is they're on waaaaayyy past my bedtime... I've got to get up at 5:30 every morning *yawn*... I do try to catch them on youtube though.