Friday, February 09, 2007

Assmonkey's Guide to Controlling Language

I'm sure by now everyone has already at least heard about the John Edwards flap over his hiring, then reported firing, then backtracking yet again and not firing two liberal bloggers he had hired for his campaign, Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan.

I'm not really going to talk about that much. I've always considered Edwards a weaselly-weasel and I am an old woman with weasel radar.

Suffice to say, the writings and opinions of Marcotte and McEwan were not a state secret, he was or ought to have been fully aware of their positions and choice of language before he hired them. Hiring them then bending over for the Catholic League's Bill Donohue, then rolling over one more time when at least some segments of his base protested should never have happened at all. If you don't like the delivery don't hire that messenger. Good grief, and they called Kerry wishy-washy.

So the affair doesn't please me, it also does not surprise me, it's about what I expect from Edwards.

What truly yanks my too easily yanked chain is nonsense like this.

But she certainly was colorful in her in her rant! Yet it is that very color that marginalizes her position. Substituting the "F" word for logic, clear thought, facts or reason diminishes her into total obscurity.

Only mindless extremists could possibly like or respect her.Clearly one or more of those mindless extremists are part of John Edward's campaign. And those folks convinced someone in Edward's campaign to hire this idiot without properly researching her previous writings or work.

Beg to differ. The writer of this claims to be a "classic liberal". Classic classist-elitist liberal maybe. Only a mindless buffoon would decide a persons choice of adjectives made them more or less credible. You sir are an idiot. A snobbish, vanilla-puddin' eatin' idiot.

I love this response to people like him from Pandagon:

If one more social-conservative-in-centrist’s-clothing tries to put this “No, really, this decision is going to hurt Edwards, for whom I had every intention of voting, I swear,” nonsense over on me, I’m going to start the cocktail hour early tonight.

I never had any intention of voting for Edwards. I also have not really followed these bloggers or their blogs, mostly because I prefer to look for smaller, more individual blogs than follow the "biggies". Many of the major blogs are quite good but one of the things I have always most loved about the "internets" is its ability to give anyone and everyone a voice. Joe Schmoe in Podunkville would likely never be asked to contribute to any major blog but he might have something to say and I might just want to know what that is. I like to keep my ear to the ground, good to know when a buffalo stampede is heading ones way.

I might agree or disagree with these two bloggers, certainly I disagree with their choice of candidate but in any case it wouldn't be based on their choice of language. If Edwards was uncomfortable with it he should not have hired them in the first place. If as a nation we are so stupid and shallow all we can focus on is a persons use of the word "fuck", then we probably deserve to keep electing the sort of assclowns we've been electing.

If the writer of the language critique post is truly representative of the majority of democratic liberals then we truly are fucked.


the WIZARD, fkap said...
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the WIZARD, fkap said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal and thanks for reading. I guess I'm even pleased you thought my #!@%*!! Language essay deserved (or required) comment both there and here in your own blog. Even if I'm nothing more than a "snobbish, vanilla-puddin' eatin' idiot"

I have no problem with any word. I've used every word written by Marcotte and McEwan, and that was just this morning before coffee.

I've also included every word and phrase used by the Edwards bloggers in my journal.

My objection, as I so clearly stated and you so thoughtfully reprinted in your blog is "Substituting the "F" word for logic, clear thought, facts or reason diminishes her into total obscurity."

Marcotte's writngs are often factually wrong. Her logic is frequently non-existent. She substitutes colorful rants for reason.

And, worst of all, she and I actually AGREE COMPLETELY on the issues being discussed. And while I'm glad to have her as an ally, I sure as hell don't want her as a representative.

Why couldn't Edwards hire smart people like you and Vigilante?

Look at your own, well written, logical, biting article about the HPV vaccine.

You took on the conservative Christian right and sexual politics and women's rights. You used the same colorful language and Marcotte. Your post dripped in sarcasm. But your post was filled to overflowing with facts. And you were right!

Now, although this is a logical stretch, let's compare writing like yours to Michael Richard's (Cosmo Kramer) attack on the black hecklers during his nightclub appearance.

Both of you used words commonly bleeped on network television and radio. Both of you attacked folks with whom you disagreed.

Are you ready to defend Richards and call me a "snobbish, vanilla-puddin' eatin' idiot" again because I felt his language and logic were faulty.

Probably not.

The fact is that words do matter! If they didn't, why the hell do all of us write these damned blogs.

the Wizard.....

ryk said...

Wizard, yes you are coming across as a snob. I agree with you, words do matter, but my choice of which particular ones to use is governed only by those words' ability to convey my thoughts clearly and succintly. What you consider profane might really be just an old sailor like myself's way of getting right to the point.
For example, I can read the following sentence, "Substituting the "F" word for logic, clear thought, facts or reason diminishes her into total obscurity." and then write a whole paragraph describing all the many reasons that statement is incorrect, or I could just say Bullshit! and you understand immediately my thoughts on your thoughts. Or when you write that "Only mindless extremists could possibly like or respect her." I could describe all the ways that offends me or just say Fuck you.

Not Your Mama said...

The fact is that words do matter! If they didn't, why the hell do all of us write these damned blogs.

Because it's so much more satisfying than rubbing ones butt against Bill O'Reilly's face on the telly.

Ok, the thing was you came down on her for the way she says whatever she says and you say she's an idiot. Then you say you agree with her. Something is either true or untrue regardless of how it is said and frankly if I found myself in the position of being in complete agreement with someone I considered a total idiot I'd have to question my judgement. The logic there escapes me.

Maybe what she writes isn't true or is only opinion, I don't know because I don't follow her but what difference does it make how she says it?

I could tell lies all day in the politest language imaginable but they would still be lies. Never mind, too many people already have that job.

Maybe Vigilante will get hired on, I definitely do not foresee myself ever working for anyone. Even if someone were crazy enough to want me to I do not want this to become a job or to have to worry about pleasing anyone. I did that for 40 some years already, I'm on my own time now.

Woozie said...

I suppose I should start paying more attention to candidates for the election...

Robin Edgar said...

"I could tell lies all day in the politest language imaginable but they would still be lies. Never mind, too many people already have that job."


No shortage of Unitarian*Universalist clergy and UUA officials already have that job. . . I just commented on this little fiasco on Wizard's blog by pointing out how the U*U "religious community" suffers from a similar problem with obnoxious U*U clergy bloggers who poorly represent U*Uism but who are none-the-less effectively endorsed by weasel-worded UUA officials like Rev. Dr. Tracey Robinson-Harris and Rev. Beth Miller, to say nothing of UUA President Bill Sinkford.

Joe Schmoe in Podunkville

opit said...

I was reading Pandagon before Ezra Klein left and Marcotte arrived. She is shrill. Worse, I at least don't find her diatribes worth following. Imagine my surprise to visit there for old times' sake and find actual intelligent content !