Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I had to read about the purging of the blogrolls by Atrios and Daily Kos over at the Galloping Beaver because, doh, I rarely read the big blogs. They could close up shop and unless one of the smaller blogs tells me, I wouldn't know it. They've become too much like MSM for me.

Apparently the recent purge was taken by many as their way of deciding who was or was not worthy. May have been, may have been simply trying to maintain a relatively short blogroll. Either case, I don't care. They can do whatever they please. It isn't like any of them would ever have linked me so I have no vested interest in the matter.

My blogrolling policy is: I don't have a set-in-stone policy. I might even link a "major" blog if I start following one fairly regularly. Mostly I assume everyone already has those links so why bother.

I look for blogs that interest me. Period. They don't have to agree with my views 100% or update every 5 minutes. Individuals tend to have lives and blogging takes up a fair amount of time. They can flat out disagree with me on most issues if I can find any logical rationale to their point of view.

I've removed a few blogs even in the short few months I've been blogging. Usually after a few months of no activity. Now and then because it went or I became aware it was assmonkey-driven. If people want to carry on a crusade for freeing 3 time murderers they can do that, I don't have to link them.

Today I dropped a few dead ones and one because the writer continues to believe we are in mortal danger if we leave Iraq and we must continue to increase troop presence there at all cost. In his view this is not even open to discussion. He has a right to believe and express that but obviously at this stage, if someone continues to believe this then I have no more words for them.

I added a few North Town, Divided We Stand United We Fall , and Flimsy Sanity. I'm not sure what I'll do if and when my blogroll goes nuclear but I doubt purging it for size will be the answer. It's my on-line bookmark list so if I still visit, even occasionally, it stays.

Thanks to the move by some of the big players of the blog world I'm going to make more of an effort to keep an eye out for interesting, lesser known blogs and add them. My little contribution to keeping internet democracy alive.


the WIZARD, fkap said...

Gosh! I can't believe I didn't make the cut!

All kidding aside, I don''t publish a blogroll for precisely the reasons you've noted. Plus, if you do publish one, you occasionally feel "compelled" to reciprocate with blogs that list you. I just can't do that (and I'm positive you don't).

Now my reading list, which I keep in the "favorites" dropdown of IE, currently contains 21 blogs, some very large, like Huffington and Kos, and some very, very, very small. About half are conservative and half liberal.

Whenever I'm able to read them, in spite of "real life" time constraints, I read them in order I've listed them in my "favorites." I"ll move blogs up or down the list based on their quality (in my opinion).

The top few are read each time I'm on-line, the bottom few only each week of two, as time permits.

I'm only posting here today to let you know you are on my list of "favorites."

Keep up the good work. Your blog is well worth reading.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog and find that I spend less time at the bigger ones then I do with the smaller ones as well. Thanks for the interesting blog recommends in your post! I am enjoying Flimsy Sanity!

Not Your Mama said...

Wizard: had to add you since if I am going to argue with you incessantly it seems only fair.

Nv Mojo: time to put some of the roots back into grassroots. Nothing against the "professionals" but face it, it's ordinary people who do most of the doing and deciding.

mw said...

I was really astonished by the whole blogroll "tempest in a teapot". I never really thought about my blogroll as anything more than a variation of my browser bookmarks. It is just a convenience I use when surfing blogs. Anything I think I might want to visit again I blogroll, whether I ever do or not. Since anyone that links to me is demonstrating superior intellect and discerning taste, well obviously they get blogrolled. I don't have a daily read, but will regularly ramdomly hit my blogroll to see what's new, and usually only purge blog that have disappeared.

Cripes - I didn't know I needed a blogroll policy.

Anyway - thanks for the link and the mention. I enjoy your posts, except for the references to deodorant tampons.