Friday, March 09, 2007

Democratic Implosion: Part What....100?

Yippee, we didn't have enough to fight about now we're going to throttle each other over how and when to get out of Iraq.

My stance: we should already be out. Since we aren't I'd like us out as soon as is humanly possible, like today would be good. Reality is we have to get enough votes to pass any resolution which will most likely be vetoed by the Naked Emperor regardless. Pick one that has the most support and go with it or hell, stick your neck out there and support all of them and hope one flies. It's not an "either or" situation if your real mission IS to get our troops out of there.

The Great Fox Debate: cancel the whole debate. We've elevated the fight to the point of pissing off everyone and are now in the process of killing not only the candidates themselves but in some cases are now waging war against the state Democratic parties themselves. Cancel it and end the fight. So we'll miss an opportunity for more publicity, beats getting more publicity for being dingdongs. Half the country already thinks all Democrats are dingdongs, why give them
more ammo.

I'm sure we can find more "talking points" to fight about but let's do a little damage control, m'kay?

In the meantime, my favorite comedian gives us the scoop about what is really in Dick Cheney's leg.


TomCat said...

Hi NYM. Loved the vid!!

On Iraq, I think we should have never gone. Whatever House Democrats do on the Iraq withdrawal, The GOP will filibuster, and even if enough cross the aisle to get it through, Bush will veto. I think it's important that the GOP/Bush be given an opportunity to obstruct, so I hope the House agrees on something.

Not Your Mama said...

Totally agree. We had NO business there. Seem to recall being called a liberal-hippie traitor at the time ;).

Yup, we gotta agree on something and force the repugs to show their hands once again. Sigh. You'd think it would have been enough already by now but the wheels just keep on turnin'.

Women on the Verge said...

Yep... give 'em enough rope to hang themselves...