Thursday, March 08, 2007

Geek-a-vision Rant

I keep hearing that Battlestar Galactica gets fantastic ratings.

Who the heck are these viewers? I'm a major sci-fi geekette and this show is nothing more than a soap opera in space gear.

I understand that some of the geek guys think Starbuck is hot and have odd fantasies about alien chicks named Number Six but maybe what is needed is a Sci-Fi porn channel so real sci-fi fans don't have to be bothered. Sorry guys but we'd rather watch Carter who keeps her issues in check than Starbuck who's issues have issues. See, if someone launches a sci-fi porn channel you can still watch Starbuck sleep with the entire cast and even get it in more detail. The rest of us will stick with Carter who knows how to keep her jumpsuit on. Besides, Vala would kick Number Six's alien butt.

To make matters even worse Galactica pretends to be rough and profane by peppering every other line of dialogue with it's made-for-TV version of cursing. Frack this and frack that. I suppose it fills up the airtime and saves the writers having to come up with something more interesting. Please, just say fuck or drop it altogether. You aren't cool or clever with this ploy.

As for the rest of the casts, how could you even compare Teal'c, O' Neill et al....

To these girlie-men.....

And for real people, if you are watching sci-fi to get your groove on, consider consulting a medical professional. Frack.


Featheriver said...

Can you recommend a medical professional for me? I need all the help I can get.

Not Your Mama said...

LOL. NO excuse for you senor, you do not live in Alabama ;).

TomCat said...

I cut my teeth on Heinlein and Asimov. I agree. That show is a space opera.

Just My Thoughts said...

Right on Tomcat...Heinline and Asimov were and still are my favorites. I think well of many others but Battlestar isn't one of them. Bad soap-operas I can find almost anywhere.
Sci-Fi Geeks Rock!!

Vigilante said...

Thanks for confirming my tastes. The only show I watch - which I am convinced is the best - is Friday Night Lights. I expect it to be cancelled.

C-dell said...

SG-1 is the best Sci-fi show period. The Ori story line is great. Why they decided to cancel it I will never know.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

First, let me agree: The cancellation of SG-1 is a tragedy. Vala may be one of the greatest characters in literature (O.K., well, maybe that's over the top, but she is a treasure in Sci-Fi literature).

But, let me defend Battlestar Galactica. This series is perhaps the most innovative Sci-Fi series I've ever seen. They absolutely REFUSE to fall into the black-white, good-evil routine so very common in space adventures.

This ain't no Star Wars with the god-like Jedi versus the completely evil Dark Side.

Instead all characters are varying shades of gray. Just like real life. Cylons are not all bad. Humans are not all good. Real people face real moral dilemmas.

Even more importantly, Battlestar Galactica refuses to portray war as good. They never allow anyone to emerge triumphant. Good people die. The cost of war is always protrayed as "too high." There are no heroes.

By using the brilliant music (very somber and very discordant) of Bear McCreary they break the mold of all Sci-Fi movies that have come before. Unlike John Williams scores, McCreary makes battle scenes that are frightening, horrific and depressing.

If perhaps George Bush had been raised on today's Battlestar Galactica and not the old Glen Larson version, we might have leaders who avoid the horrors of war, rather than see themselves as Hans Solo or Luke Skywalker.

You're right, this isn't Heilein or Asimov. This is Phillip K. Dick.

the Wizard.......

Not Your Mama said...

c-dell: I think a lot of the cast members were just wanting to move on. Good news: Amanda Tapping (Carter) will be joining Stargate Atlantis after this season. Maybe we can hope some others will at some point also, I can hope anyway.

Wizard: yes, they do take realistic characters to new heights, or lows as the case may be. That is another thing I don't like about it.

I want my heroes heroic. Not 100% perfect, a little clay around the ankles is good but not too realistic. Definitely not as self-absorbed as Galactica's, I could watch Seinfeld for that.

For my taste, SG-1 hit the perfect "happy medium". Good, strong characters but not perfect and subject to human foibles.

Atlantis, well, it's not terrible but definitely needs to work on fleshing out the characters better. Most come across too flat and one-dimensional. Rodney is over-the-top annoying and Tayla & Ronin need personalities. Elizabeth is not believable. Too squishy. I am not looking forward to the likely "Rodney runs panting after Carter" storyline.

Dang, I'm gonna apply for a writing job there...Wraith splinter group and their uneasy alliance with the humans.....a few Asgard gone bad....