Monday, March 19, 2007

Home Improvement

I've been semi-ignoring the news and political spheres for a few days since we decided to start refurbishing our shack instead of attempting to sell and relocate in the middle of a real estate meltdown.

Ok, to be honest, I sort of decided the matter by threatening to commence throwing our furniture out of the window and host a marshmellow roasting bonfire. Based on past performance, DH figured I was fully capable of making good on that threat. Yes, I'm evil.

Once room #1 was emptied, I, in my less than infinite wisdom, decided that redoing the entire floor was a great idea. This did turn out to be a great idea and it looks fabulous but in case you are thinking of doing this yourself, here are my 3 important tips to keep in mind:

1. Make certain you are married to someone who is proficient in handling power tools and construction. If I had attempted this project on my own I would now have a dirt floor, possibly no walls either.

2. Assume he/she knows what they are doing and don't bug them. Bring beer at reasonable intervals. Acknowledge them as the God of Home Improvement that they truly are.

3. Stand back and admire your beautiful new floor.


leftdog said...

Very nice! (Worth whatever number of beers were served during the project. I have to change a doorknob in the near future and it is almost completely beyond me).

cls said...

It looks great! I'm pea green with envy!

Not Your Mama said...

Leftdog: I KNOW exactly how you feel, I'm completely hopeless in the fix-it department. I'm being trusted with paint, hopefully we'll survive that.

CLS: I didn't show you the "before" for good reason. Pea green would have matched it.

Rick said...

Looks good!

Dave said...

GREAT looking floor! You must tell Cheryl the quantity and brand of beer to achieve that result.

Ahem... if it's Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale I can probably do the baseboards in the same day.

RJ Adams said...

Where? Where? I can't see it! Why can everyone else see it, when I can't? Does my computer receive a different version of 'Coyote Angry' than everyone else's? I've torn it apart and rebuilt it three times, added a nuclear processor and 2,500 Gb's of memory. I still can't see it!
Incidentally, what were YOU doing for the last three days while HE was constructing your nice, new floor? Apart from serving beer, of course. For sure, you weren't blogging.

ryk said...

Looks very nice. We're saving our pennies for a similar project. Did you use the pre-finished or finish it yourself?

Flimsy Sanity said...

I tried sanding my bedroom floor and ruined it completely (it was not a hardwood). Ended up painting it and stenciling a busy design to hide the valleys I had sanded in. My compliments to your handyman as redoing floors is way harder than you would think and yours turned out beautiful.

TomCat said...

He did a good job, NYM. LOL! It's a good thing you aren't married to me!! You'd still be out the beer, and your floor would like like the Rocky Mountains!

To catch you up on the news front, The Bush Regime is still corrupt.

Featheriver said...

I like your new floor too! I don't want to show it to my wife. She'd want a floor like that too.

Does your "God of Home Improvement" hire out to do that kind of thing? I'll provide all the beer necessary.

Not Your Mama said...

rj: feeling a little numbed out on current events, working on it.

ryk & flimsy sanity: cheats we's not real wood. It's industrial-strength wood laminate, I could roller skate on it and not hurt it.

tomcat: it had ugly carpeting before, pretty sure Dick Cheney designed it.

Yes, they still are...I've been following and even I am nearly dumbstruck. Exactly how far do these assclowns need to go to prove they are insane????

featheriver: sadly he works entirely too much as it is. Now this whole "resurrect whole house from the 70's" thing...trying to break it into small, infrequent portions, not trying to kill him.

cls said...

That kind of floor is on my list of "things I want done to the house" but since it has to happen at the same time as "replace cheap-ass manufactured home cabinets" it may take some time to come up with the shekels to do the project.