Monday, March 05, 2007

Iowans Don't Like Mexicans? Tell Me It Isn't So

According to a poll by the Des Moines Register, Iowans may love the brothers and the sisters but Hispanics might not be welcome at family dinners.

A new Des Moines Register Iowa Poll shows two-thirds of the state's adults believe the nation is ready for an African-American president in 2008. A smaller majority - 55 percent - says the American electorate is open to choosing a woman. But just 40 percent believe the country is ready for a president who is Hispanic.

The poll covers all Iowa adults - not just those planning to take part in the caucuses or in the 2008 presidential election.

Among Democrats, 66 percent say the country is ready for an African-American president, 60 percent say it's ready for a woman president and 44 percent say it's ready for a Hispanic president.

Not good news to me, that would indicate that roughly 34% to 56% of my fellow Democrats are retarded. Still better numbers than for that other party but I think we can do better.

Come on Iowa Dems and all the other Dems, the year is 2007 not 1963.


Flimsy Sanity said...

Check out this Freakonomics author's blog - about the fourth entry down he talks about your guy. Thought you might enjoy it.

TomCat said...

As a fresh faced 21 year old from the east coast, I attended a pot luck social in Denver, and was introduced to Wilma Martinez' home made (12 alarm) salsa. I thought it was relish. I ate a big, heaping tablespoon full. :-(

For the next 30 seconds, I didn't like Mexicans either. But it only lasted for a few seconds.

Not Your Mama said...

You haven't lived until you've eaten chile and pork nachos so hot you can't see for the tears and you have to take a shower to cool down.

BadTux said...

Mexicans are the new niggers. When I was a young man working in the oilfield in the South, affirmative action had just started. We got our first black employee at the refinery. All the old redneck oilfield workers were all atwitter. "Goddamn niggers are taking all our jobs!" they whined. "Goddamn nigger is too uppity to associate with us!" they whined. (Err, maybe if you hadn't made it so plain that you hated his guts, he would have been friendlier?).

Now it's Mexicans who are "taking all our jobs" and "too uppity to associate with us". It's Mexicans who are the "new niggers". Given that Iowa is almost completely white rednecks, it doesn't surprise me atall that 66% of Iowans don't want a Mexican as President.

Richardson, on the other hand, might slide through there. He doesn't look particularly Mexican, and he doesn't have a Mexican name. In fact, he looks kinda like them -- a fat man with bad hair. Thing about rednecks is that they're *STUPID*. So I don't count Richardson out in Iowa because he's Hispanic, because Iowans are too goddamned stupid to figure out that the Mexicans that Tom Tancredo (R-Nuttysville) told them to fear and hate are the same stock as Bill Richardson.

- Badtux the Southern Penguin

Not Your Mama said...

I drove through Iowa once, it creeped me out. Very hostile, unwelcoming state. Plus every business I stopped at was run by some scruffy white guy who was obviously "tweaking".

Had to love some of the signs though, "Politicians Take Note, Pigs Don't Vote".