Sunday, March 04, 2007

Just Who's Right to Life Are You Protecting?

I hadn't gotten around to saying much of anything about abortion but Quaker Agitator and The Field Negro both pointed me to a bit of news that ties right in with my stance on the issue. That stance being, I'm pro-choice within limits but in all honesty....I simply do not care all that much.

I find it strange, more accurately retarded, that we are even still having such a heated debate over what should be almost a non-issue at this late date. Since abortion became legal has there been an overwhelming increase in the number of women seeking abortion? No. Has abortion become the method of choice for birth control? No. Do fewer women die due to complications from illegally obtained abortions? Yes.

Be honest, women do not look forward to joining the "I had an abortion" club. We don't actively seek to become impregnated so we can fork over a few hundred dollars and undergo what to most of us is an invasive procedure and one highly charged with ethical, moral, and emotional issues. Having an abortion is just not high on our "to do" list.

I've heard it argued that there is a certain percentage who will deliberately eschew any and all forms of birth control and instead have one abortion after another. I'm not going to deny that those women exist, I can't because I've personally seen a few of them. Then again I've seen a lot of things that go on in this country that mainstream America seems to be clueless about. So what about those women? Well, what about them? The fact is we cannot base legislation on the lowest common denominator and we cannot legislate to protect every idiot from themselves. Not unless we want to live in a Taliban American Style society. I'll take a pass on that.

The Regressive Christian Right will argue that even those babies have a right to live. Mebbe so. Hey Righties, are you going to support them? Are you going to ensure that they live in loving homes and receive good educations, health care and an opportunity for a better life? Your track record thus far says no.

Take a look at the article I linked above. We aren't caring for the very real, living, breathing children we have amongst us now. Twelve-year-old Deamonte Driver died of a toothache. Pretty much says it all doesn't it? A 12 year old child died because his family did not have health insurance. Where were all the "Right to Life" voters to support this child and his family?

I'll tell you where they were, busy voting to protect their precious pocketbooks and standing in front of abortion clinics holding protest signs to prove what wonderful Christians they are.

It's a sad day when I, an Atheist, knows your Jesus better than you do. I do too. I know your Jesus would be asking you why you were not looking out for your brother. That little boy was your brother and you stood around waving a sign and flocked to the polls to vote against "social spending" and protect your little greedy selves and you said nothing while your brother died.

Not only are you not Christians, you are also murderers. Big, fat, selfish, greedy, murdering pigs. Then you have the nerve to squeal like the pigs you are that you are being "persecuted". Persecuted my ass. You've run what was once one of the greatest nations on earth straight into the ground, destroyed entire cultures that you either wanted to use for your own ends or simply did not like, and continue to wave your banners while your own fellow citizens die for lack of health care, lack access to quality education and don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of ever even owning their own home.

Then you expect me to get excited about abortion???? Piss off. There is no nicer way to say it. You start putting your money where your mouth is then come back to the bargaining table and I might be willing to hear you, until then you can talk to the hand.


RJ Adams said...

Succinctly put. You have my whole-hearted support on that one.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

not yor mama.... It's an interesting day over here in at Coyote Angry.....

First, let me emphasize I'm strongly and unabashedly PRO-CHOICE.

Second, let me empahsize I'm a strong advocate for Universal Health Care. I've developed a deep loathing for the politicians who use this issue as a political football instead of getting meaningful legislation passed.

BUT.... I see not reasonable link between the tragic and totally unnecessary death of 12 year old Deamonte Driver and abortion.

Did some "anti-abortion" group deny Deamonte medical care? Did some church turn him away.

Or did the stupid govermental bureaucracy with a surplus of paperwork and "cover your ass" mentality create a system where care is impossible to receive? That seems to be the thrust of the Washington Post article.

This is exactly the same crap that caused the problems in Building 18 at Walter Reed.

Not Your Mama said...

I see not reasonable link between the tragic and totally unnecessary death of 12 year old Deamonte Driver and abortion.

The link is the exact SAME voters who have consistently voted against public funding of healthcare have been the backbone of the anti-abortion movement.

Doesn't get a lot clearer than that.

myrnatheminx said...

Right on sister!

Women on the Verge said...


I have this very same "discussion" with those who want to make abortion illegal.

There is a fundamentalist church in my town... ya know... it's funny, but even though the pastors drive around in their Lexus cars and SUVs, Mercedes, and Cadillacs going to the abortion clinic protests, I never see them parked outside the local soup kitchen... And although they live in houses two or three times larger than my own, they haven't taken in any less fortunate children, no displaced Katrina families, no refugees from Sudan or Darfur... it's this hypocrisy which has driven me from mainstream religion.
It makes me gag.


Flimsy Sanity said...

Yes, I agree that the sanctity of life ends after infancy - especially for brown people. The huge supply and modest demand for more people makes all human life devalued. I am grateful to every birth control method that prevents more humans - 75 million a year worldwide is enough - I dread the day we start fighting for water and food. One young man I know who sings in a Christian rock group was telling me that the earth is not overcrowded because every person in the United States could fit in Texas on one acre plots.
In addition to claiming persecution, THEY claim global warming is a hoax and that overpopulation is a lie.

BadTux said...

Absolutely A-MEN. I've been trying to figure out how to post about the Deamonte Driver issue on my own blog, but I think you just focused on the real issue with radar eyes -- for tighty righties, "sanctity of life" ends at birth. After that point, why, it's a-okay with them to bomb people to death, starve people to death, deprive health care so they die, whatever. Especially brown people. Especially if they don't have to, like, actually *see* these people dying. That'd be, like, really ick, y'know?

Theo-Con Sanctity of Life(tm). Offer void at birth or if brown. Batteries not included. Alrighty, then!

Just My Thoughts said...

I think almost everyone is shocked at this sort of thing happening in this country.
My thoughts run to the fact that the right to life for this young man didn't work out so well.
My question why is since all these Fundie assholes scream "Right to Life" why aren't they willing to pay the extra taxes to support the many children who are in trouble from a lack of social services.
These people don't want abortion, but they also want lower taxes and support cutting social services to aid those tax cuts.
But I guess raising these poor kids, assuming they survive, it's okay to militarize them and send them to die in a war.
One might say this is delayed abortion...but they have to be tortured first before they are allowed to die for those who have the means to keep their kids out of the military.
Yes I am talking about most of the over-paid under working assholes that inhabit offices from sea to shining sea these days.
I think that child might just be more important than your new BMW or Lexus. Or should that be Licksass?
Screw the "moral" or "Christian" ethic now huh? The Me generation has to have it's toys and other crap to feel like they are something. What they do not know is that they are really nothing but bags of hot air and bullshit.

nunya said...

Wow. Grest post. I didn't think anyone thought almost exactly like I do.

I'm on these two mailing lists and when they ask me to send a letter to my representatives, I always do.

defcon, campaign to defend the constitution

Population Connection
(Formerly Zero Population Growth)