Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Plea for Restoration of Sanity

Mimus Pauly at Mockingbird's Medley has a 3-post series on "Liberal Outrage Fatigue" that does a fine job of expressing what I've been feeling regarding most of the numerous "outrages" that have been fodder for the MSM and blog-o-sphere recently. I seriously doubt we're the only ones suffering from this syndrome.

In any event, in the spirit of expressing my own case of LOF I thought I'd make a list of at least some of the issues I have not cared to address here.

1. Anne Coulter says faggot: is this surprising to anyone? We know who and what she is, now more people know this too. Beats masking her true identity with a smile and softer words and hey, it's costing her dearly.

2. Gen. Pace calls homosexuality "immoral": it's what he believes. Out of line for him to express this sentiment as a spokesperson for the military. His career is probably over.

3. Ailes makes tasteless Clinton and Obama jokes: again, is this surprising? I've certainly made tasteless (insert name of any Republican candidate) jokes. Granted, I'm not the spokesperson for anyone. Bad move for the head of a major network but for anyone who was in doubt...shows his true colors.

4. Congressman Obey loses his temper with liberal activists: not the best thing he could have done but if you harass a person long enough about situations over which they have little or no control (ie: making other members of congress vote the way you'd like) they are likely to snap eventually. Go harass the republicans who keep voting "no". Quit acting like assmonkeys and biting the hands that feed you.

5. O'Reilly blames toddlers dying on illegal immigration: um. Over the top even for O'Reilly. When even Geraldo thinks you are a racist, xenophobic, idiot.....you're done for. Bye, bye Billy-goat, have a nice retirement.

6. Walter Reed: not something new. We've failed miserably at caring for our military personnel for at least 50 years. Bush DID make an already bad situation (which incidentally had begun to improve during the Clinton administration) worse and deserves blame for his part in it but we all share the blame here. We ignored it.

Those are just a few that come to mind but you get the idea.

Meanwhile we do what we've learned to do while our country continues to degenerate into a mass of sectarian political fighting, our citizens continue to live in poverty and lack access to healthcare and social security and medicaid teeter on the brink of bankruptcy: run around in circles and scream and shout. Oh yeah, there's all those people dying over in that Eye-Rack place too.

I don't have a problem with people being angry with many of these things, I'm probably as angry about them as anyone but I think we need to remember the real focus which as I recall is change. If we cannot nominate a candidate who can win at the national election it's all for naught and the song remains the same.

Just something to think about.


TomCat said...

Sanity = impeachment

Not Your Mama said...

I agree. In a sane world it would have already been a done deal.

We aren't likely to do that though if for no other reason than we are a Pelosi-phobic nation and we enjoy cutting off our noses to spite our faces.

We'd rather be right than DO right.

TomCat said...

Amen :-(