Friday, March 23, 2007


Tomcat at Politics Plus has awarded me the Thinking Blogger Award. The award is also a meme. By accepting it, I must pass it on to five other bloggers, whose blogs make me think, as must the bloggers whom I choose. The problem is as Tomcat says, I visit so many fine thought provoking blogs choosing will be a challenge.

Lucky for me some of my possible choices have already been tagged: Politics Plus, Did We say That Out Loud?, Buck Dog, and Fundie Watch are already taken. I'll do my best and please don't be hurt if I didn't tag you...if you are linked here I value your blog but I can only choose 5.

1. The Tome of Communism - I have to choose Woozie because he gives me hope for the future. He isn't quite old enough to vote yet but it doesn't stop him from weighing in on any and everything with more depth than a large percentage of adults could. I might agree or disagree with his takes on things but the important thing is: he IS thinking about them. I'd love to see who he is at 30 or 40, he's going to be even more amazing.

2. The Omnipotent Poobah - storyteller extraordinaire in addition to his sharp political insights. As if that were not enough, he has the gall to also be possibly the best true "writer" of us all. Why he is not on a bestseller list somewhere is beyond me although being omnipotent and all, perhaps he doesn't need to bother.

3. The Field Negro - keeping me in touch with reality on the ground isolated as I currently am here in white-bread land. If you haven't checked to see if you are, his You Might Be a Field Negro If.... will tell you where you are on the scale. The active commentary can be as eye-opening as the interesting posts. Probably not for the thin-skinned, pulls no punches. I'm up for the occasional bruising, no pain no gain is accurate in this case.

4. Sparrow Chat - an "outsider" looking in. A Brit experiencing life in the American Midwest. Having a fascination with looking at my world through alternate lenses R.J. Adams is simply irresistible. His occasional post dealing with his own feelings of alienation from all that he is surrounded by speak to me in ways my own countrymen seldom can. I don't run around crying as a general rule, he's made me cry more than once, homesick for a home I've never experienced and am not convinced even exists.

5. The Vigil - man on a mission. To quote his mission statement "It's a simple program: Congressional majorities by November '06. Oversight by January '07. Impeachment (double!) by January '08. Troops home by January '09. Quite simple. Try to keep on schedule. If you fall behind, you'll never get it done. " Like the program or not Vigilante is clear about his goals and stays on mission. Very active commentary and opposing viewpoints are welcome but must stay on subject and have a point other than on the top of the writers' head or they will be deleted. He does not suffer fools gladly.

So many good ones, so little time and I had to choose five....Nevadans don't be sad, I decided to stick with non-local blogs for this meme, you know I read all of you daily.


Women on the Verge said...

tomcat was right mama... you've got a heart of gold under that rough persona you've chosen to wear ... I feel the same way about you too... love your blog, love you, leftdog, tomcat, etc. Ya'll make my day !


Woozie said...

You know this is the second time I got tagged for this? And you were going to be on my list too...

TomCat said...

NYM, it was both a pleasure and a privilege to pick you!

Not Your Mama said...

Oops, must have missed that one Woozie, lo siento.

WOTV and Tomcat, you guys make my days too. It's loooooooooonely in the Silver State and I'm way too old to take up gamblin', drinkin', and prostitutin'.

Vigilante said...

Thanks for the honorable mention, NY Mama. All of us are understandably jealous for your winning of the Thinking Blogger Award, but no one else I read merits it as well as you do, every damned day. Congratulations!

RJ Adams said...

Thank you for the honor. I guess sometimes, making someone cry is not such a bad thing. You are certainly in my top five.

Anonymous said...

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