Sunday, April 01, 2007

And the REAL Issue is.....

I thought about posting something about my take on the British Marines being held hostage by Iran but Boris at The Galloping Beaver posted his and lo and behold, it's identical to mine and he already did it so nicely.

Just a few highlights here, click above link for his full post.

First, it is seeking to drive a wedge between the UK/US alliance.

And secondly, in light of US rhetoric and carrier deployments off the coast of Iran, having UK military hostages puts a dent in any designs the US has on attacking Iran as a unilateral US strike on Iran now would effectively end UK cooperation in Iraq.

Isolating the US in Iraq is a bit like calling a bluff. Bush can bluster and harrummph about Iran all he likes, but when Iran starts stripping away what few allies he has, they are effectively narrowing the terms of engagement - mano y mano. Iran isn't caving, they're pushing back.

I tend to think sanctions often do little but increase tension in an already tense atmosphere.


the WIZARD, fkap said...

It's an interesting take, but I just can't agree.

Far from driving a wedge between the US and GB, it seems to me to have increased cooperation. I've been struck by the very quiet and extremely restrained US response to this crisis. And that's in sprte of cries for blood from the right wing bloggers and talk show hosts who see this as the perfect excuse for miitary action.

Instead Bush administration officials are treading very lightly. And I'm positive that is because of requests from the Blair government. The reaction from the two countries seems very well coordinated.

And now this morning we see a glimmer of light from the Iranians. The strategy seems to be working.

the Wizard.......

TomCat said...

Bush did ratchet up the rhetoric over ther weekend.

Not Your Mama said...

Yeah, I caught his "ratcheting". Of course it is possible that there is "increased cooperation" behind the scenes but I don't think so.

I think Bush is increasingly being avoided & marginalized in this and many other matters. C'mon, even Israel is ignoring his rhetoric and favoring Pelosi's trip to Syria.

'Course that can be dangerous too. We're talking about a madman here, I wouldn't rule out him taking some drastic and disastrous action(s) in an attempt to regain control of the situation(s).

Just My Thoughts said...

I think rather than sying Bush is "ratcheting" up it should be said "Rat-Shitting" It's more befitting of his usual tactics and rhetoric. Or maybe it should be "Chicken-Shit".
I depends on how much one likes "The Monkey Boy" I would think.

JollyRoger said...

I knew some Iranians years ago. They were outstanding chess players, and they were completely dedicated to the game. Onje might even say they were fanatical about it.

The Iranians are playing a chess game with Chimpy, who probably can't play Old Maid and keep it straight in his head. The winner of the game is a foregone conclusion.

the WIZARD, fkap said...

There seems to be good news this morning... It looks like the British military personnel are being released.

The soft touch employed by both Blair and Bush has paid the dividends they hoped.

I'll be interested to read the reaction this morning from both the left and the right......

Not Your Mama said...

Happy they're being released! Is there another possible reaction?

Woozie said...

Well now that the Brits are actually back on UK soil and the situation is nearly defused, ultimately this seemed like a huge stink about absolutely nothing...

United We Lay said...

I knew when the Iranian President came out and said that thy had the British troops that they'd all make it home. If no one had said anything or a terrorist group claimed responsibility, then I wouldn't have been optimistic. I think this was partially staged to paint Ahmadinejad as someone willing to negotiate - a man who is diplomatic. I think this is partially because he's afraid of being attacked by the US and wanted the world to see that he is a rational man who can be spoken to and who will captiulate without force when it is possible.

Not Your Mama said...

Watching MSNBC this morning and some asshat (of ours of course) just pounding the Brits, stopped barely short of calling them cowards and traitors. Great going, let's piss off the last country than can still stand us.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to me that the Iranian President can somehow look far more statesman-like than Dubya or Poodle.


Anonymous said...

Is everything OK, mama?

Sincerelly worrying,
Pekka Karvonen

A Big Fat Slob said...

Hey, it's been over a week. What, a vacation? Well, when you get back you have a job to do, because you've been tagged.

TomCat said...

NYM, I haven't seen you at my place in some time, so I came hunting for you. I sincerely hope that you're OK. Thoughts and prayers.

60wpm said...

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Not Your Mama said...

I was getting too close to insane over too many stupid human tricks ;).

TomCat said...

Phew!! Craziness is a prerequisite to sanity, NYM.

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