Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Having a Profanity Filled Moment, If It Bothers You, LEAVE NOW

Bill O' just keeps getting loonier every day. Either that or he's just senile. Not too surprising he's having a hissy over the blogosphere reactions to the death of Jerry Falwell. According to Bill people ought to treat the subject with more "decency and respect". Says Mr. Bill: we should at least wait two weeks before commenting. Um, sure. Just like you did with the deaths of the woman and 9 children in the New York fire.

I guess well-known public figures are off limits but it's ok to say anything you want about innocent children. Bitch please, Falwell was a big boy and knew what he was doing. When you put yourself in the public eye to the degree Falwell did, you know you are going to take some heat. I think we all know you are pretty handy with dishing it out yourself to anyone who doesn't happen to agree with you so kindly shut the fuck up. You want to talk smack but oh how you whine when it touches one of your sacred monkeys. Suck it up. Besides, you know when someone that you detest dies you'll be dancing an Irish jig and singing hallelujah and praise Jesus. Oh've already done that before.

And while you're busy whining about how mean and spiteful the left-wing blogs are take a look at some of your kinfolk on the right. Moonbattery pissing and moaning about how utterly tasteless the San Francisco gay community was in marking the passing of Falwell. Guess they forgot about writing this: Death of a Moonbat. So much for your famed conservative respect for the deceased.

Note to wingnuts: you have to give a little respect to expect to get any. Now fuck off and die.


TomCat said...

On a more positive note, wouldn't it be wonderful if Dubya and O'Lielly would accept a luncheon invitation from Jerry? ;-)

Not Your Mama said...

I've had those thoughts. I'm trying to suppress them.

Good news, I'm more or less calmed down a bit today. I'm still very angry about the way Bill O' spoke of the people killed in the NY fire and that combined with someone calling someone else some derogatory name just shortly before I saw the segment..well, I blew a fuse.

I really would like to see some level of civility brought to matters but after decades of continual put-downs and insults and general bullying from the ultra-right it's impossible for me to not blow up sometimes.

At some point someone HAS to say it ain't "all good" when you do it and allow them to bellyache when it flies back and hits them in the face. Don't dish it out if you can't take it.

RJ Adams said...

Wait at least a fortnight? He'll smell even worse by then!