Monday, May 21, 2007

I have no idea what kind of shenanigans the military is up to out here but there have been helicopters flying all over the top of us for over an over an hour and our house just nearly got a buzz cut from a helicopter. Literally. Missed the power lines by no more than a few feet. So much for going to sleep early. Not a thing on the news so no idea what is going on.

Update: Apparently they were just using me for target practice, no worries. Air Force to fly training missions over Pahrump.

"Most training is conducted in rural locations with targets out in the open on the Nevada Test and Training Range, but in the current combat situation in both Iraq and Afghanistan, our troops on the ground need support in both urban and rural environments, said Maj. Sean Lowe, 17th Weapons School instructor. "Pahrump provides an ideal setting for urban close air support training."

Yeah, we're ideal...just a bunch of expendable rural folks.

I also have a few more days of this to look forward to. Maybe I'll give them a call because they were nowhere close to 500 feet off the ground.

May 22: We did not get swooped upon tonight. Either they got too many complaints, checked the readouts and chewed ass on some hotshot flyboys, or found another neighborhood to swoop down on. Everything around us stayed up in the air where it belonged.


United We Lay said...

How often have you known the military to do exactly as they say the are doing? Hope your house is fine.

RJ Adams said...

Have you been reading of the latest Israeli tactics in Gaza - fly in low and take out specific targets? Keep your head down, Mama. Next, they'll probably head for central Illinois. Mark my words, it's all a ghastly plot to take out leftist bloggers!

Not Your Mama said...

LOL, I'd have to be more narcissistic than I am to believe they were after me.

No, sadly it's quite the opposite...the population out here is considered so unimportant that there is no need to concern themselves over the possibility of an accident taking out a few of us. It's like having your government quite literally shit on your head, then they wonder why people become hostile.

I wish I had a video camera, telling what it was like doesn't really convey what we experienced here. The entire house was shaking, things falling off the walls, and the was like being suddenly transported to the middle of Baghdad. Nothing like having a Blackhawk try to land in your living room.

Part II begins tonight.

TomCat said...

Mama, if you use SiteMeter, you might want to check your referrals and for references like ;-)

Not Your Mama said...

No .gov's in the last 24 hours but leaving out the UK & US visitors and the odd dozen IP's out of Reston, VA a few recent visitors came from:

Hong Kong (sar), Hong Kong, Hong Kong
(Japan Agency For Marine-earth Science And Technology) Japan
Krung Thep Mahanakhon, Bangkok, Thailand
Nairobi Area, Nairobi, Kenya
Moskva, Moscow, Russian Federation
Etela-suomen Laani, Tampere, Finland
Cataluña, Barcelona, Spain
Lazio, Rome, Italy
Wien, Vienna, Austria

Oh, and most disgusting search words used to find me in the last 24 hours, prize goes to a US visitor for "why mexicans are always pregnant".

Now why any of them are interested in what my crazy ass is saying is beyond me but I think it's very cool. *waves at world*

Woozie said...

Oh, we get those too. But they're called "security exercises". And they don't clip power lines, just a bunch of F-16's thundering overhead.

And how do you get information like the stuff you posted in your above comment?

Not Your Mama said...

That's the one I use but I assume any of the site meters would give you much the same info.