Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Blah, Blah, Blah

Politics Plus and Blue Lyon both have decent breakdowns of the Democratic debate. I only have an unreasonable one because I found it neither particularly illuminating or inspiring.

There were some entertaining moments.

Just like CLS at Blue Lyon I did nearly bust a gut laughing when Clinton essentially told Blitzer to stop being an asstard. I had just been fantasizing about breaking a chair over his head.

Gravel is clearly headed for a career as a protest sign waver on a Pahrump streetcorner.

I knew Kucinich wanted to destroy the US economy but he was kind enough to explain how he planned to do it in more detail.

Richardson sucks at public speaking and it's killing him. He is not pretty and that is also killing him.

Edwards is pretty. He and the party "base" both still give me the willies.

Obama and Biden did a good job of looking less stupid than anyone else. Both of them were articulate, probably clean too.

Dodd said something or other. I forget.


1. Looking more and more like I may have to pick a 2nd choice in the not-too-distant future and that is going to be a problem. Or maybe not, it would be either Obama or Clinton so I suppose I could just flip a coin. Economic ruin -vs- permanent bases in Iraq, decisions, decisions.

2. I don't like my party all that much, I just hate Republicans more.

3.The one thing the media did right: picked reasonably normal human beings without a
hardcore party agenda on either side to ask reasonably intelligent questions.

4. If Gravel and Kucinich had a child together it would be a species ending event.

5. Saying that we have the best political system in the world is about like saying we scored 5 points higher on the SAT than a guy with Down's syndrome. Don't get cocky.


RJ Adams said...

I make a point of never watching political debates that have an end result for the contestants. They resemble a beauty contest without any beauty. I'm intrigued to know who suggested the US has the best political system in the world? Obviously, someone with an incredibly narrow perspective. I suppose that means it could have been any one of the candidates.

Vigilante said...

Yeah, N.Y. Momma, Hillary's best moment was when she showed Wolf what a miserable weasel he really is. She took charge. Not a bad meme.

Not Your Mama said...

I probably should not have watched. I already know most of their positions better than I know my own name so for me watching is only to evaluate how they are coming across to other people. Has almost nil to do with how I'll vote.

None of the candidates (as far as I know) has said we have the best system, that's more a cultural meme we're indoctrinated with from toddlerhood. Just like we're taught how much better the US is than any other place on the planet.

I'll allow that we do pretty darn good in many areas but when you realize much of our competition is controlled by military dictators, religious nuts, and megalomaniacal midgets with bad hair it's not so impressive. I think we've rested on the notion of being great for so long we've lost a great deal of the lead we once had.

The fact that we have two large opposing camps each respectively believing that either Rudy Giuliani or John Edwards is a "great leader" of heroic porportions quite frankly scares the hell out of me for the future of this country.

TomCat said...

Hi Mama...

1. I think Hillary's "out of Iraq" includes leaving forces behind too.

2. Amen. The last time I actually voted FOR someone was Jimmy who.

3. Agree, except for Blitzer's dumb hypotheticals.

4. Maybe they'll attend abstinence only training together. Now if only GHW had practiced abstainance...

5. We do have the best system... the best system money can (and does) buy.

Watching the inbred 28ers tonight?

Not Your Mama said...

Not sure. I'd be more interested if Fred Thompson was going to be there to see if he makes a break out. As it is, it's more or less irrelevant with him out of the show.

I doubt I'll be able to watch it en toto unless hubby goes to bed really early, he gets too irate and I hate when veins start popping out of his neck.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

Um, I don't think anyone is saying we have the best political system in the world anymore. That went out about the time "you're the bee's knees" and "twenty-three skidoo" got tossed on the trash heap of history.

I guess news travels to Parhump slow huh? :-)

Not Your Mama said...

Prolly. On the other hand one of the Rethugs just said something along those lines in the debate. I guess news travels slow to many parts of America.

Vigilante said...

Well, Mama, I for one am glad you finally copped to Richardson not being gifted in charisma and oratory. I've been holding my breath ands walking on eggs on this site, waiting for you to broach the subject. He would give any nominee a well-balanced ticket, however.

pekka said...

I fully agree with Mama, Richardson has an ability, a resume and an intellect to become the president. However, his performances in "Meet the Press" that I just saw and that in the debate leaves me in the confused state of feeling worried that he will trip over his own tongue any minute or that he might agree and suugest that nobody should vote for him. I can't figure out why this is so, since the guy is such an experienced politician, a campaigner and a diplomat. BTW, I think he looks good. Look at those warm brown eyes of his and the white smile, too. Jesus, I might have some latent homosexuality in me!

Not Your Mama said...

Eh well, doesn't matter how much I like him if he can't convince other voters. I'll keep hoping for now but he's going to have to be in a reachable range by primary time or I'll have to choose someone who is.

Pekka, his looks are fine with me too but I've never been big on "pretty" men. You'd never get most women to choose him over Obama or Edwards though.

Anonymous said...

The thing I like best about Richardson is his HUGE... resume. He's simply way more qualified than any of the other jokers running for POTUS. So the hell what if he has an extra chin? It's a shame that the media and voters can't focus on qualifications!


RJ Adams said...

I have to agree with Mixter. Why, oh why, do Americans always need glitterati celebs to run their country. Politics is a complex trade needing years of practical experience from the bottom up, without running foul of the almost inevitable corruption. Is there any hopeful from either party with such qualifications? One, perhaps - Bill Richardson. Does he stand a chance - NO. Why - because he's not glittery enough! Hell, why not just settle for an old Hollywood has-been like good old Ronnie. And don't anyone suggest Reagan was an asset to the world - he was a mediocre actor and an even worse president. Come to think of it, why not dig him up. Dead, he'd make a better president than he was when alive. Certainly better than that gaggle of rubber-necked political groupies who made it clear last night they couldn't wait to push the button on Iran. Certainly better than the one we've got now, who's only dead from the neck up. I have the perfect answer, lets elect a life-size, waxwork of Liberace as president. The ultimate in glitterati, and no brain. That's what we need in this country, a president without thought processes. It's the only sure way to prevent any further damage to the world.

And, hey Mama, let's not forget that democracy is about voting for the candidate you believe will do the best job, not the one most likely to win. They're politicians, not racehorses. Don't you darn well give up on Bill Richardson. He needs all the supporters he can get.

Now, there's a thought, how about "Street Sense" for president? Neigh!

E. K.(Kitty) Glendower said...

I can only read transcripts, I can never watch. I do hope Clinton tries to want to sort of kind of eventually get the heck out of Iraq.

Woozie said...

Biltzer really didn't have much control over the debate. He told them that their time was about up, but they just kept talking until they were done. And then everyone on CNN said he did a good job!

Vigilante said...

If good looks are out and ugly is in, then Kucinich beats Richardson. Dennis has better, stronger points to make, to boot! Bill still makes a better ticket-balancing VP, though!

BadTux said...

Well, there actually is a movement to draft Zombie Reagan for President :-).

Although how you'd tell the difference between Zombie Reagan's terms in office, and the formerly-animated Reagan's terms in office, kinda eludes me....