Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Irrelevant Thing that Caught My Attention

Here is where I have to confess to being so inherently dull I sometimes watch The Weather Channel. Go ahead and laugh, it beats being one of the herd watching WWE.

Anyhoo, I kept finding myself staring at anchor Betty Davis and could not figure out why something about her seemed so familiar. Finally nailed it. She's a ringer for actress Sandra Bernhardt. Check it out.


RJ Adams said...

Who's Sandra Bernhardt, then? I thought Bette Davies was the actress? As you will note, I'm not a fan of Hollywood. Come to think of it, wasn't Sarah Bernhardt an actress?

Woozie said...

I don't know, at least on WWE you get to watch people faking beating each other to a pulp. Beats watching Hurricane Dean spin around for 2 hours.

Not Your Mama said...

Haven't you ever wondered why people living in shacks run for high ground if you give them some warning and Americans try to use their SUV's as canoes?