Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's 9/11, Now Please Shut Up

Things I'm not going to do today:

1. Wallow in 9/11 remembrances. Living through it once was sufficient, I do not feel a need for continuous rehash, save it for the next generation.

2. Even bother to discuss Osama-bin-Asshat's latest releases. He is as crazy as our preznit, they ought to get married. If that is unclear in some way Vigilante can explain it for you.

3. Spend any more time on the latest over-hyped, non-issue, "the Petraeus Report". Woozie already said just about everything I would have so go read his take on it.

4. Worry about troop withdrawals. We've had the means to end this in our hands from the start, we have not chosen to do so. Nuff said.

5. Worry about a possible war with Iran. See #4 for explanation.

The only news items of much interest to me will get little or no coverage thanks to our already ameri-centric view of world events being further aided and abetted by our news being hijacked by hours of tedious memorials.

Just in case you missed it, leftist guerrilla's blew up several natural gas pipelines in Mexico. I suppose we'll care when people notice a rise in their gas bills.

Ebola virus has resurfaced in the Congo. Sort of rates higher on my "matters in the bigger picture" list than numbers 1 through 5.

An area of Arctic sea ice the size of Florida has melted in the last week. Featheriver has the link.

I'm sure there are many more stories and events out there that would interest me but odds of hearing any of them today are slim to none so I think I'll just go read a muthafuckin' book.


Flimsy Sanity said...

9-11. How can families ever heal if the scab gets picked off every year so politicians can get photographed and make speeches. April 19 is just a day to most - another mass murder by our homegrown right wing crusaders.

Good leads to interesting blogs - the comparison Vigilante did between Iraq and Vietnam was especially good.

Woozie said...

Goin' to a chapel, and we're gonna get ma-a-arried...

But W doesn't believe in marriage of the homosexual variety, so who's getting the sex change?

Not Your Mama said...

Flimsy: it hit me like a ton of bricks and I wasn't even personally affected. If it helps some to relive it, fine but I don't need to rehash things I'll never forget.

Woozie: do you have any evidence both or either of them is a man?

RJ Adams said...

I just wonder for how many more years they're gonna ring that &%#$& bell!

Vigilante said...

Read a "muthafuckin' book"? You mean, those . . . objects? That you hold in your hands? What?

Anonymous said...

What? No 9/11 wreath? No reading passages of "My Pet Goat" to school children? No twin towers commemorative gold coin set displays?



TomCat said...

How about 9/11/1973?