Monday, October 08, 2007

Never show Them Your Hand

I watched a whole lot of really bad sci-fi the last week or so. I plead self-defense, in the interest of not hating most humans any more than I already do I could not expose myself to the Clarence Thomas circus or the possibly even more idiotic reactions to it.

Yes, I am still angry enough over this to need a news blackout to deal. I will still be angry about it the day I die even if I live to be a hundred and ten.

It wasn't really ever about Thomas for me, he's a man, he's a pig, a lot of people are, no surprise there. What sent me into a rage that still burns white hot was what some of our elected senators did to Anita Hill. I don't care what you call it, what it was was the equivalent of a public rape. Yes, I'm talking to you Arlen Specter, no, I will never forgive you and I curse your name every time I'm unfortunate enough to recall it. If I prayed I'd pray that all of your offspring be sterile.

It was unfortunate that Ms. Hill was pestered by a pig but not tragic, it happens every day to millions of women. What was tragic was seeing that our own elected leaders saw fit to attempt to humiliate, debase, and degrade Ms. Hill and half of our citizenry saw nothing wrong with this. They still miss this point for the most part. You were wondering why the country is going to hell in a handbasket, do I need to explain?

Thomas was incredibly lucky it was not me he messed with because unlike Anita Hill I would never have just told the tale and gone about my business. Anita is just a nicer, finer, more upstanding person than I am and look what they did to her for it. Forget what your mama told you about being a nice girl, nice will get you eaten, beaten and dragged through the mud.

So ladies, if you should be unlucky enough find yourself in a similar situation consider this: reporting the matter might not be the wisest course of action. Deviously and systematically using all legal means to utterly destroy the life, career and reputation of said perpetrator....more my style. There's nothing like seeing your former tormentor divorced, bankrupt and living like the dog he truly is.

Now if someone close to Specter would just adopt this philosophy I would sleep better at night.


Vigilante said...

Revenge is a meal best served HOT!?

Omnipotent Poobah said...

You know, I never understood Thomas and that whole "high-tech lynching" thing. If he was being lynched, how come he didn't stand up for Anita during her lynching. The same conditions applied.

I can't say for a fact who did what (though I have my suspicions), but this is the most gargantuan he said/she said of the century. And at the end of the day, there's no equivocation about somebody lying. Whoever did, did it BIG!

Not Your Mama said...

I believed Anita from the start, everything she said rang true. You just cannot make up things as ludicrous as real events tend to be. Also because realistically there was no payoff for her to do what she did.

Any lingering respect I may have had for our elected leaders evaporated during that hearing. I would sooner spit on most of them than shake their hands.

Woozie said...

But public rapes are fun! The family cooks up a bag of popcorn, gathers around the television, and watched Fox news declare a young woman hates America. What's not inspiring about that?

Woozie said...

*watches Fox news declare that a young woman hates America.

Apologies for my Grammar Jewry, you can publicly rape me if you wish.

Flimsy Sanity said...

Isn't it odd that Specter's conduct is so memorable to me too? Every time he gets up and pontificates on something good, I flash back to his bullying of Anita.

The disgraceful way we treat whistleblowers is the reason this country is in the pits. Kill the referee who calls a shot "foul".

TomCat said...

Mama, like you, I watched that situation unfold back then with horror, first because of the way the GOP trashed the reputation of an honorable woman, and second, to see a giant of a man like Thurgood Marshall replaced by a... a... Clarence Thomas.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me of what I hated during the whole ordeal that came down back then. It was a public rape. And, yes, whistle blowers in this country usually get screwed. Wasn't there a statistic that came out in recent years that most whistle blowers are women? Hmmmmm.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

It looks like the other Supremes aren't too enthralled by it either: