Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Nevada Caucus

I can only speak for my precinct but here's how it went:

Not one Black voter voted for Clinton.

Not one Clinton voter was under 110. Ok, ok, maybe 50 but it seriously was the geriatric section. More than half were on walkers and/or oxygen.

The Clinton people were for the most part obnoxious asshats and kept sending people to the wrong areas so dear one took it upon himself to begin redirecting Obama voters to the right areas.

Edwards got less than 10 people out of the several hundred who showed up, all of those were members of our local shotgun-toting, conspiracy theory contingent. No one was willing to risk speaking to them, they finally left.

A Hillary voter lost her cool and cursed everyone out. Most entertaining 10 minutes of the entire caucus. Her one tooth only added to the fun.

The fire department showed up and threatened to shut down the caucus. Half of us ended up doing the caucus in the parking lot. The local fire truck may have a flat tire now.

No shots were fired and we managed to just barely miss having a brawl which is pretty good for Nevada I guess. I'd have kind of enjoyed a brawl though.

Disappointing turn out for Obama but then much of my precinct is 110 years old so hoping for better results out of Las Vegas.

And yeah, we voted for Obama, didja think it could be otherwise????


leftdog said...

"No shots were fired and we managed to just barely miss having a brawl which is pretty good for Nevada I guess. I'd have kind of enjoyed a brawl though."

Glad you survived the caucuses NYM! Sounds exciting. Where do you think Richardson support went?

Not Your Mama said...

He never got off the ground unfortunately. He very gracefully withdrew himself last week and threw his support to Obama.

Anonymous said...

Ours was mixed. Obama won soundly. Black people were split evenly between Obama and Clinton. Edwards got 1 delegate. Obama got 5. Clinton got 2.

The Clinton supporters were about 60-65 with a sprinkling of middle aged.

Not Your Mama said...

65 was the young side of the Clinton people here. We're talking 80-90. And ass nasty most of them.

The Clinton workers kept sending anyone with an Obama sticker to the wrong precinct areas so we started redirecting. One of them when I confronted her said "oh, they must have changed it, I didn't know" then promptly turned around and continued doing the exact same thing.

Vigilante said...

Based up their behavior in Nevada, do you think if the Clintonistas win the whole enchilada, we progressives will take some delight in their Rovians beating up the GOP for four to eight years?

Not Your Mama said...

As of today I'd have to say that is exactly what we have to look forward to in that event.

Speaking as someone who was on the fence between Clinton and Obama up until about a month ago I can honestly say that if we had not already gone over to Obama the behavior we've seen from the top on down in the Clinton organisation this last few weeks we'd have gone over to Obama.

Woozie said...

This is making me wish Maryland had a caucus. CNN was broadcasting the one in Caesar's Palace for an hour. It looked kind of boring though, so I wish we had a caucus like yours.

Obama won Caesar's, btw.

Featheriver said...

Precinct 28 in Pahrump was packed into a school room at Pahrump Valley High School like sardines. No room to move. Air circulation non-existent. Ran out of Presidential Preference Cards about midway.

123 people were in the room, including wheel chairs. One lady had to stand in the doorway of the room due to claustrophobia.

The vote turned out to be 67 to 49 in favor of Clinton. Five Edwards people were there but not viable. One went over to Obama two went to Clinton the others just left.

Clinto got 6 delegates; Obama 4.

62 People had told the Obama Campaign they supported Obama. But only 37 showed up at the caucus and voted. Had all 62 showed up and voted Obama would have won Precinct 28 with an 86-67 vote.

But they didn't.

The bulk of the 123 people cramped in that school room for about an hour and a half were quite understanding and tolerated it admirably. But I doubt many of them will willingly submit to a repeat of that ordeal in the future--and I don't blame them.

Flimsy Sanity said...

I think I heard a little news clip that said the rural areas get more representatives than the cities so that in real terms, Obama has nearly as many delegates as Hill the Pill even though he took a beating in Las Vegas. Too bad Edwards attracted the conspiracy corp - course who (with a computer and access to information that doesn't come from Fox and Clear Channel) doesn't think the Clintons and the Bush's have ulterior, sinister motives of world domination?

Anonymous said...

I am drawing social security but I felt positively young compared to the Clinton crowd which held a 2/3 majority over the Obama supporters in Overton whom were soon joined by all of the Edwards folks. Clinton workers had convinced many of the old people that they would never have another health care worry by supporting Hillary.

The conduct of the Clinton poll worker was absolutely Rovian. She was loud, obnoxious and pushed the elected caucus chair aside in an attempt to conduct the meeting herself, although not a qualified voter.

I am a former precinct committeeman, caucus chair and several times a state delegate but no where have I witnessed conduct even remotely as bad as that displayed by this Clintonista. But then she is probably taking her behavioral clues from Bill himself.

Not Your Mama said...

Featheriver: that blows, think that is much what happened here (pcts 10,16,20 & 21@Manse), a lot of people had promised to Obama and then did not show up.

Anonymous: saw the same behavior here.

Woozie: ya, think barroom brawl in an old folks home and you get the idea. High hopes for SC though.

TomCat said...

Mama, I'm glad you survived. It appears that Iowa is much better at running their caucuses than Nevada, but I still prepare primaries. Peer pressure ought not be a factor in voting, I think.