Monday, February 25, 2008

If I Had A Magic Wand I'd Shove It Right Up Your Smug Ass

Yup, that's right, Clinton's picture is gone. I've had more than enough sarcastic, condescending, mocking people try to bring me down during the course of my life, I sure as hell do not need another. I did not accept it from Bush, Cheney and all their asshat crowd and I'm not about to break out the shit-eating spoon for any other person who would have me vote for them to lead my party and my country.

Luckily I will not have to struggle with whether or not to vote for you come November because despite whatever may or may not pop up from your followers in the blogosphere as far as the majority of voters are concerned, you committed political suicide today. I don't need a poll to tell me that. Maybe you should reconsider a career with the GOP, insulting voters and trying to humiliate them into following them is more their line.

Newflash for you Ms. Clinton: you don't know me and you sure as hell do not know what I have had to overcome in my life and I definitely did not have a magic wand either. I don't kid myself about anything being "easy" or "perfect" but there is a key difference between the two of us, in spite of my cynicism and in spite of the multitude of mocking assmonkeys like you I've had to step over on my way, I've never given up and I've never wasted my time whining about what could not be done but focused on what could. If that makes me a fool then I'm a fool but oddly enough it's worked quite well for me.

Go ahead and keep insulting us, smirk some more and make your cute little sarcastic sound bites and let us know how that works out for you. Maybe you can land a co-host spot with Bill O'Reilly.


R J Adams said...

Do I get the distinct impression Hillary upset you? I'll let you into a secret: I never could stand her. Keep writing, Mama.

Not Your Mama said...

She did that. I've let a lot of things just pass, campaigns get ugly but she just took it personal not just towards her opponent but towards his supporters. Fuck her. If I wanted to be treated like a semi-retarded stepchild I'd vote GOP.

leftdog said...

I find that I concur with what you are saying NYM.

Anonymous said...

She tried the stern Mother thing when she said "Shame on You, Obama" Guess she found her voice again.

On the bus today I was trapped into listening to Bill O'Reilly defending her - anyone he likes is suspect. I am hoping Obama wins and can fix the mess the country is in, but for progressive standards, Ralph is still the best. I know it is quixotic, but I do like everything he says.
Flimsy Sanity

Woozie said...

I said gotdamn! Mama spittin' that fire from Nevada.

The mocking was shocking, that's an astoundingly, staggeringly retarded move to make.

Not Your Mama said...

Ya, I shrugged off the "shame on you" thing, that's campaign bs and to be expected but the MOCKERY!!! Oh NO you do NOT talk to me that way.

You know what's funny is I associated it with O'Reilly the minute I heard it, I didn't hear him do his defender bit till a couple hours after I wrote this last night.

That "I got the power and you ain't shit" tone is the worst thing a person can try with me, I'm still so pissed I can barely see straight.

It was shocking if not really surprising since I think it's what many people have sensed lurking just beneath the surface all along. It was like having someone spit in your face.

Vigilante said...

You know what I think was Hillary's two strong, positive points tonight were?

(A) Her make-up
(b) Her hair

were much improved.

Anonymous said...

I have gradually lost all respect for this woman ...I am tired of the Clinton Democratic Party of America ...enough is enough already!

I'm especially tired of politicians who scold me and talk down to me ...that would be Hillary!

adynaton said...

Does this mean I don't have to try to like her anymore?

Vigilante said...

Try to keep a little perspective here, Ady. If we didn't have Barack, Hillary would be the cat's meow!

Vigilante said...

But, as it is, Obama's the one who can put America Barack on track!

TomCat said...

I'm still unaligned because I promised myself I would try to remain a voice for unity. Clinton's recent tactics have made that difficult. I think we're seeing the desperation of a campaign that had all the advantages and squandered them.

Kvatch said...

She hasn't got a prayer now. But I still want here to stick it out in the Senate. Majority Leader, yes indeed. I want Sen. Clinton there when the next Bush wannabe makes it to the Presidency.

Vigilante said...

See what I mean, Sugar Bean? Hillary's one heartbeat away from being tomCAT' meow!

Vigilante said...

See what I mean, Sugar Bean? Hillary's one heartbeat away from being tomCAT's meow!

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