Friday, August 29, 2008

Still Pissed at Pissed-Off Vaginas

In spite of my current inclination to only watch news in 5 or 10 minute bites before becoming extremely nauseous the convention sucked me in and I confess to spending the entire time glued to the coverage.....right down to checking the coverage on other channels during commercials.

Yes, yes, I know this was a political show calculated to elicit exactly this reaction, what can I say, it worked. For me anyway it worked at least in part because over and above the hoopla and theatrics and regardless of how much any opponents may hate it, it was a stunning moment in our collective history. If you grew up in this country and you ain't feeling it, you're already dead, stop reading, go get in your coffin and faggedaboutit.

'Nuff said.

Round two. Whoopee, McCain selects a woman to be his running mate. Now every woman who would rather "make a point" than use her brain can vote to take away womens right to choose and make both the NRA and oil companies ecstatic all at one shot. Have fun explaining that one to your granddaughters.

As a woman and the mother of two wonderful daughters and grandmother of two beloved granddaughters I have to congratulate Nevada Mojo for the coming up with the best description I've seen yet of what has kept me too disgusted to even bother to post these past few months: some womens' "sense of vagina entitlement". Clinton wasn't "entitled" to win because she has a vagina any more than Obama was "entitled" to win for being an African-American. Both candidates worked their asses off to win and Obama won...fair and square whether you like it or not. Had it been otherwise and Clinton had won I'd have to suck it up just like I've had to suck it up nearly every election in my life.

If you're running around wondering why you "don't get no respect" maybe you should consider the fact that you can't recognise a good man who both loves and respects women from one who would laughingly offer up his wife for a topless biker "beauty pageant" on national television. I'm going to tell you the same thing Obama tells the African-American community: yes, there is some discrimination but at some point you have to take some responsibility for your own choices.


Jim Yeager said...

I would have felt something from the Obama speech had this seemingly endless campaigning not burned me out some months ago. This time, the magic just didn't take hold.

Bottom line: Obama's getting my vote -- but that's all he's getting from me. He's not entitled to my vote -- and for that matter, he's not entitled to anything else from me, either...

Not Your Mama said...

I can understand but what I'm burned out on is a population so incredibly stupid that anyone with an ounce of intelligence has to "dumb down" the conversation to get anything accomplished.

This particular speech didn't do much for me, it was the fact of what was just accomplished that did it. The speech was calculated to reach the 20 it needed to be.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hat tip, Not Your Mama!

Get ready to pop that popcorn cuz the McCain selection of a trophy VP just upped the vagina ante! LOL!

Vigilante said...

I'll make just three (four) points.
1. John McCain, should he be elected, would turn out to to be the 2nd lousiest and destructive president in American History.
2. If Barack Obama is elected, he will turn out to be one of our most gifted Presidents and his achievements will only be limited by the (a) the trail of destruction left by Busheney and (b) the size of the Democrats' majority in the next Congress.
3. This is the most unequal contest in recent years such is the relative strength between Obama and McCain.
4. McCain can't defeat Obama. Only the Media can defeat Obama.

All of which goes to Thursday night's speech: It was Obama's attempt to reach over the heads of the MSM and its nattering nabobs of negativism. I think he was successful.

R J Adams said...

McCain's choice of VP was a brilliant move; so good, I doubt it was truly his decision. He simply isn't that bright. He's surrounded by neo-con advisors (half the PNAC are in there somewhere) and it's likely they came up with the idea. First, to choose a woman, then decide who would fit the bill. Palin is a good choice, mainly because she's so politically wet-behind-the-ears there can be little dirt for the opposition to rake up.
The 'race versus sex' battle that has raged over the last twelve months caused problems for the Democratic party. It was hoped, and expected, the Convention would discharge the pent up fury of Clinton's defeated female supporters. In one swift move, the Republicans have blown it back into a major issue that is guaranteed to last right up till November 4th.
It may well prove the move that checkmates the Democrats and hands McCain the keys to the White House.

Anonymous said...

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