Thursday, October 09, 2008

Blood In The Streets

Not yet anyway but that would be next if we continue.

I'm not quite certain why I'm writing this at all, certainly it is highly unlikely anyone will listen to me anyway and in all fairness I'm not even certain I care. Maybe it just seems fair that I at least put this out there so I can say I tried to tell you and then laugh at the carnage with a clear conscience.

You need to stop. Now.

It doesn't matter if you're a conservative who blames irresponsible borrowers or a liberal who blames greedy corporations, you need to knock it the fuck off and accept that everyone had a part in this and no one from the riskiest low-income borrower to the most reprehensible corporate CEO did anything that over 90% of the human race would not have done given half a chance and more importantly, it's done and now we get to deal with it.

So what can we do? First off you can stop panic selling. At this late stage of the game you are not only destroying yourself but you are also destroying the only mechanism that has any potential to save your asses from living in a cave with no toilet paper.

I've done my part, I've bought up all I can afford to buy up while most of the public was busy locking in losses from which many will never recover but I'm only one person and I sure as hell am not Warren Buffet. Even he is going to give up on you if you continue on the present course of run-around-in-circles, scream-and-shout.

If you think you are screwed now just continue panicking and find out what really screwed is.

Next up, stop with the "neither candidate has the answers", "they're all crooks" blah, blah, blah, bullshit. Most of our elected officials are no better OR worse than most of us. We're truly fortunate that at least 1/4 of them are actually smarter than most of us. Believe me they have a vested interest in our survival and stand to gain nothing by impoverishing us all and eating our brains. While you're pondering that keep in mind most of you were more than happy to toss at least 25% of our population out with the garbage as long as you didn't think you were in that group.

Most of us only behaved better than the average CEO or pol because most of us have never been in any position to get away with the things they do. Given the opportunity many of us would be eating each others brains, if you doubt that look at Somalia or Iraq or any number of countries where economies and governments have failed.

Which brings us to point #2: understand that your neighbors survival is as critical to your well-being as it is to his. Probably has a lot to do with why I'm bothering to write this because I damned sure do not love most of you. Neither hard core conservatives nor hardcore liberals tend to get this (for very different reasons) but for the moment they had better at least try and fake it.

Point #3 is take a tip from the ancestors. Humans survived and exercised social control in the very distant past by a very simple mechanism: social ostracism. I would suggest that we drop the PC bullshit of "oh, I respect John McCain even though I disagree" and "Palin is being abused because she is a woman". John McCain is an asshole and a bully and that is all he has EVER been and Sarah Palin is being dissed because she is a raving lunatic. Gay people are not destroying America nor are immigrants and no I will not "respect your belief" that the earth was created in 7 days and is only 8,000 years old. I will call you an idiot and I will shun you both socially and financially in every possible way. It's way past time we stopped politely coughing when our friends/family members/etc utter this nonsense. The next time someone says something utterly retarded within your them on it.

That pretty much wraps it up, stop tolerating and accepting stupidity and acting as though Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck have as much credibility and reason to be on the air as Tom Brokaw or the late, great Walter Cronkite. They don't and you know it and they've been allowed to spew their poison in the name of "fairness" and through our own inaction. I believe in free speech and fairness as much as the next person but providing airtime and a public forum for the basest and least intelligent among us is not "free speech", it's public sponsorship of insanity. No one is stopping these lunatics from getting their own blogs, there's no need to give them air time. If we're going to continue with this we might as well give Charles Manson his own talk show and let the insanity run its course.

All of that may seem to some like it isn't even connected but it is, all of the above are directly connected to how we've gotten to where we are today. Naturally you do not have to believe me, can call me an idiot, and we can continue on the current course. Let me know how that works out for you.


Nanuq said...

Re: your October 9 post - The "stop tolerating and accepting stupidity" directive of the last few paragraphs doesn't quite jibe with the quit-complaining-and-blaming-we're-all-responsible-and-all-in-this-together reproach of the first couple. If the responses to the events of the past few weeks have shown us anything, it's that certain kinds of crises always seem to exacerbate partisanship, not temper it. And despite your claim, your writing shows that you most definitely DON'T "believe in free speech and fairness as much as the next person." If you don't like what one of those "basest" and "least intelligent" "lunatics" is saying, dispute it, refute it, or listen to something else. That might work out better for you - and for everyone else - than what you've proposed.

Not Your Mama said...

You know we have been doing exactly that, most of us anyway, for over a decade now and it is not working. It's become a poison that has infected not just us now but the entire world.

Sorry but all speech is NOT equal. When we've reached the point that a candidate for the highest offices in the country draw cries for murder from their audiences and no one bats an eye....we've gone too damned far with the "non-partisan" bullshit.

I disagree heartily on most issues with George Will, Joe Scarborough, Peggy Noonan, etc but I don't consider any of them dangerous lunatics or idiots. There is a difference, if you are incapable of seeing it then consider yourself part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

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Just My Thoughts said...

nanuq, one can't refute stupid. You are living proof.