Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Rare and Miraculous Freebie

Just found out that due to the changes in Canadian citizenship law as of April 17....I am a Canadian citizen!!!

Still in shock. I've been upset over this my entire life, to suddenly have it handed to me...I don't know what to say.


Woozie said...


Do Americans make you that uncomfortable that you've wanted all your life to be a Canadian, or is there more to the story than that?

leftdog said...

WELL! Congratulations there NYM!
That is great news indeed and I am very happy to hear it!

(You know that some of your friends are now going to start labeling you as a 'Frostback'! LOL!

Oh Canada! We stand on guard for thee!

Great News Mama!!!


R J Adams said...

Hey! I'd like to be a Canadian citizen, too. Does this law change just apply to Angry Coyotes, or will they allow Chatty Sparrows in as well?

Not Your Mama said...

More to the story Woozie. Canada at one time simply did not recognize children born outside the country even if born to Canadian parents. Guess you could say it's kind of the white version of finally being acknowledged as existing.

Well RJ, to be honest their immigration laws are fairly ganked unless one is considered a refugee. We had nixed going there as immigrants because they don't really want older immigrants and moving to Sudan to try and get in as refugees seemed a bit onerous.

Leftdog: although "technically" my citizenship is retroactive to my date of birth I still have to jump through the application and proof process which I'm told can take from 10 to 15 months to get my Proof of Citizneship certificate.

I'm going to do it but not sure if we'll actually ever go live there or not, the "repatriation" does not extend to my now adult children or grandchildren (who would have been born and raised in Canada if I had had that option at the time). Still, it's something to finally be acknowledged.

Not Your Mama said...

Hey Woozie, ok the ones on the video in your latest post...yes, those do make me that uncomfortable. Creepy.

TauRaven said...

Large congrats momma, always good to be accepted by your own, come back to writing , I am tryin' to...Peace Tau

Dave said...

Congrats NYM!

I know it's a long process but in the end it'll be...

... about the same as it is now, except that you can end sentences in "eh"... eh?

Well done!

Vigilante said...

How about that single-payer medical insurance coverage?

ryk said...

That's pretty cool. I lived in northern Maine for a couple years and visited Canada quite a bit. I would move there in a heartbeat if I could take my job with me.

Featheriver said...

Too cold in Canada for me. Too hot in Pahrump, NV.

Good to see you posting again.

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Vanessaa Zomer said...

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