Saturday, October 28, 2006

Let's Cut the Crap and Slit Our Own Throats Now

Okay so I already ranted about getting over ourselves. Tough, I'm going to do it again.

I'm trolling along trying to take my mind off my old stomping grounds currently burning to the ground in CA and I run across this bit at Wonkette.

Don't get me wrong, I love Wonkette, it's funny, entertaining, and (insert your own complementary comment) but ya know I just can't beat up on Right-Wingnuts ALL the time. Truthfully, aside from the "rural =hillbilly" tone the piece isn't so bad. I think it was the comments that got me.

Obviously from the tone of most of them I can conclude that people who would:
a) own a satellite dish
b) live in a small house (or OMG I HAVE to say it, a TRAILER)
c) possibly even own a gun
d) commit the ultimate sin of being less-than-wealthy

a) be running a meth lab
b) care more about NASCAR than the budget deficit
c) be okay with a l'il pedophilia and/or incest
d) have bad teeth and spit on public sidewalks

Thanks to all my fellow democrats who feel this way and just dissed a few million voters. Thank you very fucking much. Why don't we just get a new campaign slogan, something along the lines of "Vote Blue, Red is So Last Year" or maybe "We're More Awesome Than You, Ask Us Why".

I'm not blind, yes, there are some people just like all of the above but guess what...THEY are not the rural voters who are EVER going to vote democrat. I lived in cities enough years to know they are there too, just more outnumbered.

In the meantime it would be really helpful if those of you who feel this way about the rest of us dumbass, tobacky-chawin', cheap-shoe wearin' hillbillies out here in the sticks would stuff a baguette in your lovely Botox-lipped yaps. It would be be really nice for all of us to actually win a few elections.


Mr. Mack said...

Sigh, I have had this conversation alot lately. I live in Tn, I've lived in the South for 13 years. So, though not "from the South", I feel I can comment on the condition. I understand the point of your post, though I disagree that the fraction of elistist Dems in our midst represent the norm. That said, I live in a rural area. Someobody has to say that the some point, the lack of critical thinking skills, coupled with an average 8th grade reading comprehension level is taking a toll on these areas. Throw in a pre-disposition to adhere to strict, paternalistic religious dogma, and, well, the proof is indeed in the pudding. This is where I live. I don't feel superior, I don't have time. I'm panicked that we may never find a way to get these hard-working, God-fearing people to quit working against themselves in the name of patriotism or religion. I have the means to move away, and not be confronted with it daily. I choose to stay, but I'll be damned if I am going to treat these people with kid gloves when they are (sometimes) lumped together for sport, after all, I'm a Liberal, and don't drink lattes, or drive a Volvo, or think I am smarter than anyone else.

So, hows the pinion crop?

Not Your Mama said...

Truth there. Some people's children ya 'em shoes, send 'em to school and still....of course there are people who fit stereotypes, that's where we get the stereotypes isn't it?

I also don't think this sort of thinking is the "majority" at all, the thing is: it IS a significant part of the perception of dems in a fairly sizeable percentage of the population.

It's bugged me for a long time that we've never seriously addressed it. It's probably cost us more elections than any other single issue but for whatever reason we mostly ignore it.

I'm quite openly partisan in my politics and I want to win and I don't apologize for that at all so when I see (or think I see) something that I believe is essentially cutting off our nuts...I'm going to do my little nickles worth to root it out.

Educational level and comprehension in rural areas: I hear you but that is a whole other novel. Like you I just deal with it as needed.

I do drink lattes because I like them. I also like cheap cigarettes and expensive scotch so I'm not sure where I fit in the greater scheme of things (not especially worried about it really) but I don't want us to continue being the underdogs over non-essential issues like this.

Mr. Mack said...

I also like cheap cigarettes and expensive scotch

ok, where the hell were you when I lived in Nevada?

Yes, when I find it. Like last year when I had to threaten the school district because they allowed the Gideons on property to distribute bibles....Boy, did that make me special around town...

Not Your Mama said...

Probably hiding out watching quails.

I think in a lot of less populated areas "we" tend to stay to ourselves and avoid conflict.

I'm still laughing at the idea of fighting the true believers in Tennessee. What's funny here is we have casinos and legal brothels but some people still want to ban Harry Potter.

This sometimes has unexpected results. Hard-drinking, gambling addicted, hookers who are very patriotic and can quote scripture but can't read much.