Monday, October 30, 2006

Almost Hopeless in Nevada

A week to go until elections and I am less than hopeful, at least here on my home front.

Apparently the Secular Coalition for America is batting for my side. I appreciate the help but somehow I don't see them being able to have much of an impact here.

Nice bit in the Las Vegas Review Journal about former NV senator Lori Lipman-Brown:

From 1992 to 1994, Brown served in the Nevada Senate and became the target of threats and hate mail as an advocate for gun control, gay rights and abortion rights.

She lost her bid for re-election after her opponent, Kathy Augustine, charged Brown refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance that began each legislative day.
Brown, who was the only secular Jew in the state Senate, said she left the chamber to avoid participating in the daily prayer that referred to Christ. She filed a defamation lawsuit that was settled when Augustine and three other Republicans acknowledged that their claims were false.

Brown has acknowledged it took her a long time to recover from her defeat by Augustine, who went on to become state controller and was impeached before her death three months ago.

Don't feel too bad Lori, Augustine still took a bit over 18% of the vote at this last primary in spite of impeachment and being dead and in spite of the fact that it turns out she was probably murdered by her 2nd husband who is also now the subject of another murder investigation. Seems husband #2 (who was also husband #1's nurse) may have helped Ms. Augustine kill husband #1.

Now how on earth could you have been expected to compete with a good, solid, Christian Republican like that?

Republican candidate Jim Gibbons continues to hold the lead ahead of Democratic candidate Dina Titus despite his recent cocktail waitress fiasco and the hiding-the-undocumented-housekeeper-in-his-basement incident. Smooth move for a guy running on a tough-on-immigration platform. Apparently he will have to do something more drastic, like kidnap young Swedish boys and keep them as sex slaves to put off his voter base. I'm pretty sure his base would be ok with him doing this with young Swedish girls, it will have to be boys.

Closer to home candidate for State Assemblyman Republican Ed Goedhart continues to hold the lead over Democrat Laurayne Murray. A large part of his appeal? His tough-on-immigration stance. Interesting since he is also possibly the largest employer of undocumented workers in this region at his Ponderosa Dairy. Yes, that's the same dairy that dumped the cow feces into California's water supply a few years back and was sued (successfully) by the EPA.

Nope, I'm not feeling too hopeful. Maybe I'll throw my hat in the ring someday...after I'm dead.


Lori Lipman Brown said...

Thanks for the plug. [I still find it intriguing that people continue to characterize my bill draft requiring child safety latches on guns as "gun control"] Check out our website at
Lori Lipman Brown

Not Your Mama said...

You're very welcome. They have to put their spin on everything, no? Who cares about facts.

Thanks for the reminder, I had forgotten to put up a permanent link, done now.

Best of luck to us all.