Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lou Dobbs- the case for a dumber America

I just had to. I must like being tortured. Flip to CNN and there he is...America's poster boy for mediocrity.

It wasn't enough to hammer us to death with an imaginary "war on the middle class". Nooooooo. A daily stirring of the hate-pot towards every real or imagined "illegal immigrant" (hey Stimpy, after we take over the world let's drag that Mexican lady and her son out of that church in Chicago and EAT THEM) would not suffice. Some of Mediocreville, America was starting to get suspicious...hey, this Dobbs guy seems kinda racist.

Now mediocre he may be but Lou ain't no re-tard. He knew he could not very well run off to (insert name of random small African country) and adopt himself a cute l'il impoverished orphan. It just wouldn't play in Peoria (besides encouraging Exporting Adoption through Outsourcing). No could do. In a stroke of pure, unadulterated, mediocre-American brilliance he jes' up and adopts hisself a whole doggone African-American family. Yeehaw.

I give him a 9 on the barf-o-meter.