Friday, October 20, 2006

Proliferation of Non-Intelligent Life

Ever have one of those days when you feel overwhelmed by the news? Even C-Span starts looking more like a really bad SNL spoof and you are try to figure out just exactly when did the inmates start running the asylum?

I have those days quite often, quite a number of people with functioning brain cells have them. At last count roughly 70% of Americans are scratching their heads and asking how did this happen?

I have another piece of their answer:

Obama is a cool, smooth deceiver, the ultimate salesman, able to say inconsistent, or even false, things and yet convince many listeners that his is absolutely sincere. He represents the triumph of image over ideas. As such, he is the perfect democrat politician, with an ability to twist and distort the truth unseen since Bill Clinton. He is the walking embodiment of the most important arrow in the liberal quiver, the one without which they’d be lucky to break double digits in any election, stealth.

From Webloggin- a community of blogging excrement

There is our other 30%. Capable of spewing unlimited quantities of verbal diarrhea with little or no basis in fact. These artards would not recognize a truth if it sat on their face and whistled Dixie. Do you hear me you camel-dork-sucking-ingestors-of-pig-excrement, yes you, I'm talking to YOU shit-spouting, deceiving purveyors of the poisonous pea-soup that oozes out of your little itty-bitty pea-brains. Some of us have your number, more of us are catching on. Where are you going to hide when America WAKES THE FACK UP????

Things not going their way? No problem, they'll just launch a character attack on one of the other sides' finest. The fact that they have no "facts", no "evidence", in point of fact....NO FUCKING BASIS IN FUCKING REALITY...does not deter them. Why should it, after all America has been buying every sales job these asshats have handed them for at least 6 freaking years.

So anyway my fellow Americans, next time you wonder WTF has happened to our country, why the evening news seems more like Cartoon Network, why almost every arena of our daily lives has diminshed in quality and there seems to be zero accountability for this mess we find ourselves in....look to the 30% people. They are your terrorist hijackers. They hijacked a great nation but they didn't do it alone.

Let's wake up and stop feeding them. Let's fight for an Assmonkey-free America.