Saturday, October 21, 2006

Much Ado About...the Truth

My countrymen never cease to amaze me. The dust-up of the day which looks like it may well become a bigger controversy than whatever new thing Madonna has just done is....CNN airing a video of a sniper attack.

How dare they report the news, unwashed and unvarnished. Oh wait, they did black out the actual moment a soldier was shot.

I've heard all the arguments all day, ad infinitum. From the at least understandable: "If that were my child I would not want that shown" to the at least marginally stupid, "what if my children had been watching" to the completely idiotic: "CNN should be tried for treason".

Here is my response.

To those who feel CNN should be tried for treason: obviously you belong to the 30% people I have mentioned in a previous post. The 30% who are incapable of rational thought so you are hopeless, now piss off and die.

To the "for the children" people: Please, if you allow your young children to watch CNN unsupervised, did you really think they were going to run and tell you when a "viewer discretion" warning was broadcast or do you just have a cheeseball in place of your head?

To the people who stated they would be outraged if it were their child: I have empathy for you but let me explain something.

I am the mother of two children in military service. Both have served overseas, one is still deployed. What outrages me is the number of flag-waving assmaggots who shout their patriotism from the rooftops but squeal like pigs when confronted with truth or reality. I would be outraged if it were my child and the truth were hidden under a rug for the sake of not spoiling some redneck's dinner.

To the rest of America: If we don't like this reality, if it offends us and is too horrible for us to bear seeing then maybe it is time we stopped making flip decisions to put ourselves in these situations in the first place.

Certainly it is far past time we started taking some responsibility for the things we do and took a good look at the very real costs of our actions. Frankly, I do not give a shit if it spoils your digestion.


Mr. Mack said...

Nice site. I appreciate the link to my little thing, I'd reciprocate but I haven't figured out how to link to other blogs. Thank God the blogger template makes it a snap to throw up a can find my email on my site if you would ever like to compare well, and thanks again.

leftdog said...

I also like what you are doing. It is hard hitting. A very welcome addition to the blogosphere.

Not Your Mama said...
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Not Your Mama said...

Thank you both very much. I love both of your blogs as well.

Somehow I doubt I'll be very welcome in the blogosphere LOL, but thank you for your welcome.

I've already caught a little sniping but s'okay, it isn't like I would go to someone elses' place and hurl insults and profanity.

Freedom of speech cuts both ways and some folks don't get that.