Friday, October 20, 2006

Stupid Right-Wing Trick of the Day

Oooo scary stuff there buttmonkeys. Hope you didn't spend too much of your constituents' campaign donations on it though because you see...the only people who are going to buy into this hyperbolic ration of camel-dung are the same freaking dumbfucks who were going to vote for you anyway.

The rest of us have spent the last 6 years watching Osama & Co. lead you around in an endless game of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego like the little sissy-men you are.

But, but, but...we toppled Saddam you say. Yes, you did. Considering his setup a few thousand of my well-armed fellow Nevadans could have done that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all unhappy Saddam took a fall. I always love it when psychotic freaks of nature get their karmic comeuppance. What was the point though??? We took out one very bad man and unleashed....thousands. Somehow I don't feel any safer.

Terrorists are real and for all the right-wing fugtards who are laboring under the misconception that moderates and liberals don't get it....WE KNOW THEY WANT TO KILL US. We have guns too dipshits. We are just smart enough not to invade the wrong fucking country trying to hunt them down.

The trouble with y'all is you are the densest motherfuckers to have ever walked this earth. Most of us kept trying to deal with you using reason, being polite, trying to play like civilized people in a civilized society. We underestimated the depths of your stupidity and inability to reason. Our bad. Different gameplan homeboys, we're pissed and you are about to find out how it feels to get your asses nailed to the floor by the other side. Enjoy.


leftdog said...

WOW! ... I am speechless ... (and THAT is rare)!

Thank you for posting that.