Sunday, November 26, 2006

America's Hidden Enemy: The Scots

Ha, got your attention. Mark Day on George Bush's Mexican border fence. Quite funny and he never once mentions oatmeal.

This post dedicated to S2, yes, you know who you are.


beepbeepitsme said...

That's pretty funny mate ;)

S2 said...

Got your very own blog now, I see. :)

It wasn't just the Romans who gave up their plans for world domination at the Scottish border. The Angles, the Saxons, the Danes and the Normans all got as far north as Northumberland and the Solway Firth, took a long hard look, and turned back again.

I'n not sure if it was the weather, the people, the diet or a combination of all three that put them off.

We did get occasional invasions from Norsemen, but we think they probably got lost in the fog on their way to Iceland.

Even at their height of their Imperialist ambition, the English never really had the heart to conquer us, in the end settling for a merger instead (the first king of the United Kingdom was a scot).

Incidentally, I've read that 12 million Americans claim scottish descent - which means there are more than twice as many scots in the US alone than there are back at home. Not to mention all the scots in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc. I don't know if they're running away from the weather, the people, the diet ....

Mmmm, oatmeal ....

Not Your Mama said...

See, there you are, the real plot for world domination and it was the Scots all along ;).