Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Too Much Information

Today we have some of our right-wing denying much of the chaos in Iraq over the weekend really occurred at Observations of the World from the Heart of Jesusland! Now THAT by-line will most certainly assure me of their credibility. Someone call the Iraqi folks standing outside the morgues and tell them...it was all a hoax.

Homeowners ASSociation in Colorado demanding a peace-symbol shaped wreath be taken down...it may be a sign of the Devil. Let something like this slide and next thing you know we'll be worshipping graven images of Paris Hilton.

Book bannings in America, who knew U.S. poet laureate Maya Angelou was such a threat to our moral fiber. Here's a thought...let's get rid of ALL books in the schools, then we can be just like any other ignorant and oppressive regime and concentrate on important matters like blowing each other up.

Tomorrow we have the Papal visit to Turkey. Like they didn't already have enough problems with religious extremists -vs- secularists, toss in a visit from the leader of the Catholic church. What part of this does anyone consider helpful?

Wednesday will be the much heralded meeting between Bush and Iraqi PM al-Maliki. Bets on wether or not the Iraqi government survives the meeting.

Does it occur to anyone that the same issues are at the root of all of the above: stupidity and religion. Maybe that is actually one issue. Yes, I just called religion stupid, now get mad, do the rest of us a favour and blow yourself up.

As a child I remember learning about the Crusades and thinking how ridiculous that people could have behaved in such a fashion and being thankful that I lived in a world where people were no longer so foolish. I would never have believed I'd live to see us repeat the idiocy of our ancestors in my lifetime.

I underestimated the destructive power of religion to incite people to control others and in fact, kill others, in the name of whatever bloody, merciless God-of-people-looking-for-an-excuse-to-fuck-with-everyone-else they worship. Special thanks to all of you for turning my world into one giant ball of psychotic mass murderers, control freaks, and plain old-fashioned morons.

Hat tips: The Sudanese Thinker, Konagod, The Coyote Chronicles


konagod said...

All in all, it's shaping up to be a pretty interesting week. :-)

Mr. Mack said...

Yo, misery loves company.


What are friends for?

Vigilante said...

It occurs to me that the Pope has more courage and more tolerance of diversity than the Homeowners ASSociation of Colorado (and that's my home state I'm talking about!). I'm not Catholic, but I can recognize courage a mile off. Bush can't go to Baghdad to meet with Maliki, but the Pope can go to Constantinople. Give the German cone-head his props!

Not Your Mama said...

I wonder. Call me paranoid but there are a few issues that trouble me about the pope's agenda.

1. We know that it is simple for an idiot to be elected to government office however it is NOT likely an idiot would ever become pope. This is one area the Vatican has long outshone us in.

Safe to assume the Pope is no dummy, is in fact likely to be a brighter-monkey than at least 70 or 80% of us. Which brings us to...

2. Knowing roughly a year in advance that he had a visit to Turkey scheduled (and having previously voiced opposition to Turkey's admission to the EU)and being no idiot...how is it possible he may not have been completely cognizant of the fact that his words would stir up trouble?

Answer: it is not possible. It was a calculated and deliberate act. It was a beautifully orchestrated power move. I leave you to figure out the rest of his agenda.

It's either that or we have to believe the Pope is truly that clueless.

No, I'm not a rabid
Catholic-hater...my entire family is/was Catholic...I just have a finely tuned "hidden agenda" detector.