Friday, December 01, 2006

Andrew Young Rocks the House

Andrew Young on Lou "I-hate-Mexicans" Dobbs? Ok, for someone who views punditry about like some view boxing this was a must-watch event. Goddamn if it wasn't worth it.

DOBBS: Let's turn to the domestic economy. We're hearing a lot of talk about this economy being strong. We're hearing some very good evidence that it is not strong for everyone. What is your sense of the policies that are being followed in this country right now, in terms of the economy, in terms of working men and women and their families?

YOUNG: Well, I heard you say that I think the middle class deserves some of the blame. And I say that simply because they forgot that they were America's poor when I was a child. And it was Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, it was Lyndon Johnson's Great Society, it was the G.I. Bill, it was assistance to state education. My wife got a master's degree 50 years ago for $30 a semester. You can't do that anymore.

DOBBS: No, you can't. And the fact is that...

YOUNG: We don't want to pay taxes, the taxes that we paid to support the middle class. Now they don't want to pay taxes to support the poor. And it's hurting them. Those who have moved up out of the middle class are doing very, very well because they don't have to pay -- they don't have pay to bring along other generations.

Sing it baby. Trust one of the pillars of telling politically incorrect truths that most folks just don't wanna hear to score a slam dunk.


Yes, this means you middle-fucking-America. You sucked up all the bennies that came from those "goddamn liberals" and you made it outta the trailer park or the ghetto or the barrio or wherever you were and into the middle class, some of you did even better and even made it into the country club set. Hallelujah.

Then you forgot where you came from and how in the hell you got to where you were and exactly who helped get your sorry ass there.

I can hear you now, "no, no, not me, I did it all on my own because of my own hard work, natural ability, and perseverance". Horseshit. Maybe 1% of you did, the rest of you got somewhere because there were systems in place to help you go as far as you COULD go based on all of the above. Stuff like student loans and grants, unemployment benefits and that sacred cow called Social Security just to name a few.

Ok, so you made it out of poverty-world and then...big surprise, you forgot who gave you that leg up. All of a sudden you were one of the "special people" and all those 'po folk were just trying to get a free ride off of your hard work. Those bastards.

You thought the priveleged were "your kind" and you voted with them, screw those lazy, good-for-nothings who were just looking for a handout.

So how has that worked out for you assmonkeys? Your peeps wanted your votes, they didn't want you. You are not "their kind", you aren't special, and frankly asstards...they don't want you marrying their daughters.

They want to replace your lazy, entitlement seeking asses with cheaper labor and no health care. Why should smart, hard-working, wealthy folks pay because you were too stupid to get rich yourself and get your own health care? Matter of fact, they want to quit paying for your social security too. Hey, if you weren't smart enough to save for your own old age why should they help you.

While they're at it, just to keep the heat off of themselves and because you are obviously retarded enough to believe anything (you've proven this) they'll just blame some other group, like say, immigrants.

Yeah, that's fucking brilliant, they'll just blame the very group of people THEY BROUGHT over here and they win two ways...the cheap workers get blamed for taking your piece of the pie AND they can count on you dumbfucks to keep them on the bottom rung of the ladder and unable to fight for better wages and basic services.

Mr. Young was really being nice the way he told you, he's a public figure so it doesn't work too well for him to call you an asstard. I'm not a public figure, will never be running for public office, and besides all that I'm just getting old and I don't give a rat's ass who I piss off. Sometimes the truth hurts, deal with it.

Next time I see one of you on TV whining and crying about how you can't afford to send little Johnny to college and pay your mortgage and your company just downsized so you lost your job and your unemployment ran out and OMFG your wife is sick and you have no insurance....I'm going to do what I always do. Laugh at your lame ass and then go have dinner at a Mexican restaurant. You go munch out on your "conservative values".

CNN transcript


sammyray said...

LOL How true. Nobody takes responsibility for anything anymore ... it's always someone else's fault.

Mr. Mack said...

You may find it interesting that Andrew Young's son is a founding member of the Drum Major Institute, and they did an exhaustive study on immigration's effects on the Middle Class. Good stuff.

Not Your Mama said...

Thanks, no, I had no idea. Just ran over and read a synopsis of the report...looks like they are saying, much more politely of course, what one would think any rational person could figure out.

Then who ever accused us of being rational?

cls said...

Excellent post. Will be checking in on a regular basis and have added you to my blogroll.

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