Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pahrump Fuels the Market for Nuttybars

UNLV students protesting the Pahrump "English Only" ordinance in Las Vegas on Wednesday were greeted by members of the National Vanguard, a racist, far-right hate group with it's home base in Virginia. Thanks Virginia, we didn 't have enough assmonkeys here already.

Not much happened, a couple of Vanguard members were cited but this may well have been a publicity move for the group which is attempting to establish it's own political party here in the Silver State, the White People's Party. Charming folks, read all about them.

Somebody please give all those folks who keep bleating this issue "isn't about race, it's about language" a clue, this is ALL about race, racism, and pure old-fashioned hate. If you still don't get that you can kiss my lily-white ass.

Las Vegas Review Journal


sammyray said...

LOL ... The White Party ... LOL

I thought they already had control of the White House.

S2 said...

Scary stuff.

I was surprised at the symbol chosen by the National Alliance. It looks to me like the old CND "peace" symbol (like the one you wrote about on Tuesday), only rotated through 180 degrees.

Reminded me of the usurping of the swastika (an ancient Hindu & Buddist symbol) by a certain right-wing political party in 1920's Germany.

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