Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Need a New Drug

Maybe I just need a new supplier. Yesterday was possibly the worst performance ever by every major news outlet in the US. I hate to do it but I have to quote Dr. Phil and ask you "what the hell were you thinking??".

Yeah you CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX...all of you. Hey retards...there's a war going on, no wait, make that two wars that we are directly involved in, bodies, bodies, everywhere and insane quotes from politicians and their lackeys dropping like dust bunnies in a Nevada windstorm. That isn't even counting the fun and games going on in places we haven't even set foot in like say...Darfur or Nigeria or hey, just o'er our border down Mexico way. Toss in our ongoing domestic insanity like the spiraling death count in Washington D.C. and oh, I dunno, stuff like the spread of methamphetamine abuse, millions of citizens with no health care, and our ever so popular campaign to stop hating each other long enough to band together, united in our hatred of Mexicans and one would think that you'd have no dearth of informative news to report.

Apparently one would have been mistaken. The hours long commentary and rehash about three lost hikers was bad enough. Yes, it's news...for a few minutes but please, we are talking about three people who decided of their own free will to go hiking up a mountain just days prior to what was expected to be the storm of a decade. I did and do hope they are found, regardless of circumstances I do not wish harm to anyone or think anyone deserves to die alone and under horrible circumstances. My heart especially goes out to their families and friends and I'm not making light of it or dismissing it.

What I am saying is the media needs to get a little perspective. Rehashing this tragedy all week long and yesterday in particular ad infinitum is not going to help nor is it doing your job which, at least theoretically, is supposed to be to inform the public. It's also highly offensive and disrespectful of the thousands of people who have died and are still dying either in what they honestly believe or did honestly believe was honorable service to their country. It is disrespectful to the hundreds of people who die senselessly every day in this country for no reason other than they lack money for decent medical care or because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Easy enough to do here in the good old US of A because a violent lot we are.

So that's it media people, every time you harp endlessly over only certain tragedies, elevating the victims almost to the point of deification, you diminish everyone else. Intentional or not you send the message "these people are more important than the rest of you". You do this on a regular basis, when a policeman is killed, when a young suburban mother is brutally murdered, when a pillar of some community becomes a victim, knock it off. True, every now and then you complain about racism, classism, and our national obsession with idolizing not-terribly-bright people with exceedingly hot booties but face it guys, you are the ones feeding the fires.

Which brings us to yesterday's even more totally disgusting news fiasco, Der Trumper and the Beauty Queen. A three minute blurb would have been amusing, hours and hours of air time for these dimwits was enough to push sane people to the verge of suicide.

Take a man who is famous for nothing better than making loads of money exploiting the tendency of some folks to seek ever more outrageous ways to display their wealth and in fact, leads the pack in his ability to take tacky and ostentatious to new heights and toss in an attractive young woman who has been encouraged to develop an overinflated sense of her own importance and BINGO, huge news story. Yes Donald, we know she is a "special person" per your own statement made on national television not long ago re: how to be successful, you stated the first and most important thing was to "be born to the right parents". This young lady obviously was, she not only inherited wonderful looks but also could afford the best dental care. Such wisdom from a man with a mouth reminiscent of an overactive rectal sphincter.

Sorry newspeople, twenty-year-olds with too much fame and money partying and behaving foolishly is not news, even if they happen to be bootylicious. Definitely not hours and hours of news.

I understand I may very well be in the minority here, the majority may indeed prefer this type of news coverage. There may be 50 million Americans who would appreciate 8 hour discussions of a boil removed from some pop star's ass. In this age of niche markets I'm simply asking if it isn't possible someone could provide a cable news program for the minority of us who would prefer serious in-depth coverage of issues we actually care about?

C'mon guys, I'm jones'n here, hook me up.


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