Tuesday, December 19, 2006

So Where is the Justice Here?

Nevada makes national news once again, go Nevada. This week for a brawl in a Las Vegas courtroom that sent four bailiffs to the hospital for treatment.

Mr. Geoffrey Wells, 36 was miffed, he wasn't getting his way in a child custody dispute between he and his ex-wife. Judge Cheryl Moss wasn't feeling so sympathetic towards him after the last time he came before her demanding his right to custody of the couples' three sons. That time she was willing to overlook his violent temper and his cache of easily accessible firearms. After all, said Moss at that time, "I don't see a problem with the gun issues as long as, I guess, they are trained as a military family. They grow up like that. It's a unique situation."

Sure was a unique situation.

"All three (of her sons) were home alone after their father (Geoffrey Wells) went to work at 6 a.m.," Maria Wells said. "He (the 10-year-old) said they were told to do their chores and he (Geoffrey Wells) left.
Syber was cleaning the kitchen when he turned to my 10-year-old and said 'I've had enough of this, I'm going to kill myself.' "

Maria Wells said her 10-year-old son says Syber began giving him and his 8-year-old brother his games, toys and belongings and then went to the home's master bedroom. She said the 10-year-old followed him in and pleaded with Syber "not to do it."

She said her 10-year-old told her Syber turned to him and said, "The reason I'm doing this is so you can be safe and you don't ever have to see Dad again."

The 10-year-old told her Syber kicked him out of the room and minutes later he heard gunshots.

Quote from Judge Moss per the Las Vegas Review Journal:

'I'm not happy about what happened here in the courtroom,' Moss said in comments reported Friday by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. 'In my six years on the bench, I've never had this happen.'

Dang girlfriend, guess you were just lucky up till now. I can only hazard a guess at how many more lives you can ruin if you're allowed another 6 years on the bench to make boneheaded decisions.

Mr. Wells granted an interview to KVBC-Las Vegas after his courtroom temper tantrum: They asked Wells if he thinks he has an anger management problem.

"No more than anyone else. I'm not afraid to say what I think and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is." Wells also maintains the bailiffs didn't stop him and he in fact quit fighting of his own volition. "Believe me, it's not because they subdued me, it's cause I stopped. If I wanted to I could have went right through them."

Ayuh there Geoffrey, how many of us don't keep loaded, unsecured firearms laying about around unsupervised children and how many of us have never physically assaulted our husbands, wives, children or officers of the court?

Geoffrey you really are a prize assclown but you are only one of many we have running around loose hereabouts. You aren't even especially unique, hell, I could even point to your soul-brother next door. The Grand Assmonkey Prize goes to Judge Cheryl Moss who had every clue a sane person would have needed to know that Mr. Wells was not fit to own a dog much less have custody of young children. I've checked your biography dear, you have the credentials, you have the education, unfortunately you lacked the one thing that seems to be lacking in far too many people these days, an ounce of common sense.

Wells is going to "pay" in our legal system now, what about you Judge Moss? A 12 year old child is dead because you chose to overlook the evidence. A 10 year old and an 8 year old will never look at anything the same, will never trust this glorious system we have devised. A mother will never see her child grow into a man and now she knows that not only is it a terrible thing when you've married the wrong man but you can't expect any help or justice from the very system that is supposed to help people like her escape from this kind of abuse.

Can we at least get a mea culpa?


Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever consider why the kid decided to kill himself. If he was predisposed to kill himself, then he would have done it with our without a gun. The real question is why did the kid want to kill himself. Perhaps the real people who should be scrutinized are the parents

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how dumbass's who have zero knowledge of what happened August 26, 2005 want to comment on the death of my son, and subsequent events that transpired my divorce, my sons suicide, and events that transpired DECEMBER of 2006.

My sons death was horrible, the divorce horrible, their wasn't a person involved with this divorce who didn't have their lives devastated by it. The only two things you have correct is my son is dead, and a brief excerpt of a interview. It shows you for an asshole at best, and elaborately putting a perverted point of view to advance a agenda that has nothing to do with the truth.

All I can say is I hope you never have to go through what I did, my children did, my ex wife, or anyone else involved in this divorce. You really should have facts instead of innuendo and false assumptions for what you perceive as truth.

Shawn Evans said...

I know that this is a bit late but I have to add my comment here. I personally know Judge Cheryl Moss and former Judge DelVecchio. Neither one of them should be attorneys much less Judges. They both came to my support group told me how the do not allow parental alienation in their court room while at the same time making money over fist allowing it or being a part of it.

Judge Miss stated that she knew that Geoffrey Wells was predisposed to anger, then why the hell did she not take the children away from him or at least look at the videos presented to her by the Mother and Attorney why did she deny the CPS visits. I can tell why, because she was probably taking money on the side.

One of my first attorneys use to clerk for her and one day he goes into the office and she had two stacks of dockets on her desk. one top if one was a list of names. Those associated with the names were to be put in a separate pile as they were to win their case today. Why you ask?Because they were her campaign contributors. the Family Courts is a huge oxymoron and you have to be take about 1,000,000 oxycodone to think that the Attorneys, and the Parenting coordinators much less the Judges give a rats ass about the children. It is all about money and nothing more.

If you would like to contact me please do so.

Shawnanthony2015@gmail.com love to share stories with you or anyone who cares to listen.

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Fear of abduction said...

I can't believe how people like her can remain on the bench. I heard she runs a fierce campaign and has the backing of the Filipino community here. They are backing her cause she is one of them and will serve their interests even if it mean it is injustice to innocent people who she should be serving. I am looking at having to appeal to the Supreme Court on one of her rulings. We will see what happens at the next hearing.