Friday, December 29, 2006

Laughing in the Face of Impending Doom

Definitely not feeling inspired. I've actually been walking around trying to fight off this "waiting for the other shoe to drop" feeling. Gee, between whatever-the-hell we think we're doing in the Persian Gulf, waiting to play assmonkey-dictator-on-a-rope and see what that sets off, and watching our assmonkey leadership try to act like it's really in control of idea why I'd have this sense of impending doom, must be hormonal.

In the meantime there is possibly the funniest video of the year posted over at Nevada Mojo Rising, assuming you like sex with your politics.

Also a timely New Year's message from Mark Day with his take on resolutions, bestiality, and US foreign policy. Hm, those might actually all be one thing.

If you're feeling all warm & fuzzy and would like to do a good deed, Papadizi, my favorite goatherder is still searching for an American woman. Help him out ladies.


pesu said...

I am afraid, that the feeling you have about the doom and gloom ahead is shared by most of the 6 billion or so inhabitants on the planet. When every friging decision they come up with is incomprehensible to us, is it any wonder that some insecurities are bound to creep in? Lets not forget for a moment, that they have the most of those things that go GABOOM at their disposal. Combine that fact with another - cornered rat is very dangerous, and you get my dift.

leftdog said...

Not your Mama - HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hoping 2007 will be a good year for you!
your pal

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