Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Unintended Consequences

Free DVD for anyone who has a soul they aren't using from the folks at Blasphemy Challenge. A little extreme maybe but hey, backlashes usually are. All you fundies and evangelicals can pat yourselves on the back for a job well done, see what you've started?

Ok, this guy seeking to exchange his soul for a free DVD is probably not any more exciting than the other video makers but I think he's kind of special because I gave birth to him. Personal bias. Willz...make your bed, love Your Mama.


Just My Thoughts said...

Well shit. I guess I'm hauling ass downstairs then.
All I can say is eternity in hell is preferable to spending it with fundies anywhere.

Woozie said...

Mark 3:29? Oh well, already damned here. Let's all go to hell in a fast car and keep it hot!

pesu said...

Even his holyness, Reverend Falwell, couldn't convince me that the place they call heaven, with likes of Ann Coulter in there (BRRRR), is better than hell. Hey, wait a minute...I think I got it; my hell is NeoCon heaven and my heaven is NeoCon hell! How about that!

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