Sunday, December 03, 2006

Weekly Roundup #2: Pahrump Farts

'Twas the week of Thanksgiving and all through Pahrump not a gunshot was fired nor any bodies found dumped;
The shotguns were slung by the front door with care, in hopes that the Minutemen soon would be there;
The residents stayed tucked all snug in their sheds while visions of a whites-only township danced in their small heads.

Calm before the storm. Incoming town board-elect promise to "repeal or rewrite" our "English Only and US Flag Only" ordinance, wether due to bad publicity, moral outrage, or healthy fear of a humongous lawsuit one could not say but in any event this is a good thing.

The Bards of Pahrump have their own plans though:

An expression of outrage that our public library should dare to possess SPANISH LANGUAGE books. Seems the, and I quote, "real liberal librarian" (as opposed to what, a "fake liberal librarian"?), has the audacity to defy our town's good White-Christian-English-Only-ness and serve ALL of the public. Looking for bookies taking bets on how long till our library is vandalized.

Perhaps the library will be spared if our good citizens are too preoccupied with trying to kill the folks from the ACLU, I give you the thread in it's entirety:


I've heard many people lately espousing angry words against the ACLU. It appears that the ACLU will step to the plate for anything that is anti-Western, or un-American. These same persons suggest "taking out" the ACLU by brute force since they equate the ACLU as being domestic traitors. Would these actions be considered in line with the words of Thomas Jefferson or any one of the Founding Fathers? And what of the punsihment of those doing such an act? The worst they could receive would be a death sentence in Carson City. Remember, the ACLU are LAWYERS and the COURTS will always protect their own with great zeal, so they'll seek the greatest punishment possible. But, so what? No one here gets out alive anyway, and maybe those daring souls will receive a just reward in Heaven. Just a thought... Something to think about.

The worst they could receive would be a death sentence in Carson City. But after the 1st one the rest are free. So justice will be served if you "take out" as many as you can.

were are all the people behind you?May 3 if that many.If you realy want to do it,you have to get men you can trust.Mike you didn't know me so how can we start it.

Could be just talk but seems like I heard somewhere that advocating to incite violence was illegal? Sheriff DeMeo may have his hands full what with insane manufactured home salesmen and all so I figured I'd let the legal experts at the Nevada ACLU decide, surely not the first time they've encountered this.

So I spring to my car, to my dogs give a whistle, and away we'll all fly like the down of a thistle.


cls said...

Being as the 2nd amendment is the only thing left to me now, I am sure glad I picked up that Glock the other day. I may need to defend myself against these crazies.

RE: David Cleveland: Oy.

Not Your Mama said...

I liked the bit about "just reward in Heaven", is that the white Christian version of 72 virgins?

Wonder what it might be...a free pass to the Chicken Ranch?

cls said...

It's just so funny...Jesus Got It. When he said "the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" he didn't mean that the earth was about to end. He meant, "Baby, it's here, it's now, take your shot and do the all the good you can. NOW. Oh, and don't be showy about it either." Too bad his "followers" missed that part.

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