Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fresh Atheist Talent

Always considered myself more of an "agnostic" than an "atheist" but I've been rethinking, or maybe more accurate to say, seriously thinking about the whole issue. This guy scored some points with me.

His rap video doesn't suck either.


Bacon Eating Atheist Jew said...

I liked the video up to the part about the Iraq war and Israel.

Many Atheists are Liberal to the nth degree. The problem is that many can't figure out who the real victims are in many instances.

And in today's day and age some religions are more dangerous than others. It is foolish to not realize the difference.

Not Your Mama said...

I understand what you're saying, I can see it from both your POV and his.

The thing is (I'm guessing) you probably aren't familiar with just how much sympathy there is in some segments of the African-American community for the Islamists.

Frankly most Americans aren't familiar with it either but it's real and it's growing. I spent the evening of 9/11 with several people who were not unhappy about it. In truth at least two people were openly delighted...none of these people were Muslim.

It isn't about religion, it's about a perceived common enemy and a rage a lot of people here can not help but relate to. Islam is just the means to an end.

Be glad this man is pushing Atheism, be really, really glad.

pesu said...

Yup, didn't hear anything too objectionable in his monologue, and I guess that I agree with him. My antique pc could, unfortunately, handle it just little past half way point.

The religion has been a tremendously important tool in the arsenal of the ruling elites to pacify the great unwashed. "Don't worry that you get continually kicked in the head by us because at the end you will reap your just rewards and go to heaven. Just understand not to be stupid and demand your rights now"! It has been also a wonderful rallying point to get the peasant to die in wars for their kings and countries. Still is.

In my case, I first lost my belief in Santa, which I still regret, and sometimes after that also in the Heavenly Father and that has been a very painless experience. Till I go to hell that is. :)

Don't understand me wrong, I really dont give a damn if you are religious and practise your faith in your home, just don't come and do it in mine! And then, of course, what's with this fundamentalism...

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