Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Huked on Foniks For Pundits

Funniest thing I've heard today: Tom DeFrank speaking on the Lou Dobbs show, "this president has the courage of his convictions".

I'll allow Mr. DeFrank that this was a true statement. I'm going to have to point out that so do paranoid schizophrenics. Having the courage of ones' convictions can be a powerful thing, for better or for worse. When one has the courage of ones' convictions in spite of all factual evidence that your convictions are either false or detrimental then it is commonly called "stuck on stupid".

Looking at the facts, that Mr. DeFrank (and many like him) receive upwards of $7500 to state the obvious for common folk such as myself, and the fact that at least 50% of the common folk elected this administration I'm forced to conclude that Emperor Bush is not the only one who is stuck on stupid.

Now I can say our Naked Emperor is a fool, that he's a paranoid, megalomaniacal warmonger with dreams of conquest and that he has sent this country on a path that will haunt us for at least a generation and increased the threat to the personal safety of every American and to the country in general at least 50% by his actions but coming from me it doesn't mean much. I'm no one of any importance so it matters about as much as if I told you the moon was made of cheese.

On the other hand, I think I could cough up $7500 if I could find someone whose words would carry some weight who would appear on primetime CNN and call a spade a spade. Quit talking around the Bush and just get on there and speak the truth: we have an insane person running our country.

See, it isn't difficult. A lot of us know it already. Just get up there and say it straight out in plain English that every American can understand. To hell with the sensibilities of the 30% of our population who are so intellectually impaired they cannot grasp this concept. The rest of us are tired of being dragged around by the mentally deranged. I have nothing against people with mental illness, I just don't think they ought to be controlling countries, particularly not countries with as much military capability as this one.

As far as I can tell just about everyone who is "anyone" is more concerned with losing face in public than with stopping this train wreck. If you're more concerned with your image or your poll ratings than with the fact that your country is being systematically destroyed and that it's likely to get worse, much, much worse, then really, I have to wonder if you have the worlds best exit plan or if you are just stupid.

I wonder how long until Canada begins contemplating a border fence to keep out all those pesky Americans?


pesu said...

Actually, it is easier for a simpleton to have a convictions. When one never tests one's convictions but considers them being as the god given truths, all those bothersome shades of gray turn into nice and harmonic black and white. To try and persuade a person with such a bunker like conviction is naturally mission impossible. I give you - the President of The United States of America, the Right Honourable G.W.Bush!

ryk said...

I'd be happy just to have someone who'll step up when the president tells a lie and call it a lie. I learned a new phrase today. Stuck on stupid. I love it.

Vigilante said...

Corey Robin, in the London Review of Books blames everything from the Holocaust to George Bush's administration to bureaucracy and careerism.

Women on the Verge said...

No one is ever gonna tell G.W. that he's paid for a suit of imaginary clothes... look at how Wolf Blitzer scurried into a corner when Cheney got his back up after Wolf asked a perfectly legitimate question about Dobson's opinion concerning Mary Cheney's pregnancy... there must be a trapdoor under every major media outlet ready to drop any offending "reporters" into a pit filled with crocs and poisonous snakes...

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