Monday, January 08, 2007

Take a Lesson From Rosa

The last few days I've been reading a lot of complaints about the new democratic congress coming from some of the same people who have helped to elect them. For the record: I was one of the people who voted a straight democratic ticket, for all the good that did here in Nevada.

The complaints center around the perception that congress is not doing or going to do anything to bring our troops home. Never mind they've only been in office since last week, we want what we want and we want it NOW. Well alrighty then, my grandbaby likes things that way too. She'd like her mother home ASAP. She'd be especially thrilled to know her mother would have no chance of being redeployed either. Now that you mention it, so would I.

One particular post by Profmarcus at Yes, I Do Take it Personally has particularly gotten under my skin. Not because it makes me angry or I disagree but because I believe he's sincere, frustrated and as frightened about what has happened to our country as I am. We only differ on the point of who we hold accountable for our failure to act.

I left this comment to his post:

Pushing some much needed and highly populist social issues is not a terrible idea. They need to build "political capital" with the center. You can't spend what you do not yet have.

Reality: congress does not have the power to bring the troops home. They have the pulpit. Even if they were foolish enough to attempt to cut off funding and commit political suicide, the truth is there are 50 million ways Bush & Co. can get around them.

In the meantime I'm keeping my ears tuned to any news that starts to come out re: findings from oversight committees. There is most likely where your ammo for impeachment will come from. And they will need a great deal of ammo AND the overwhelming goodwill of the voters to do it without handing the game back to the republicans.

I caught a bit of flak for that and that was fine. Better than fine, I fully expected to because they had no way of knowing where I was going with this.

To summarize a couple of points made by Brother Tim:

I differ with your opinion that it would be political suicide. Also, they HAVE the political capital, it was given to them on November 7. Doing nothing, and allowing this to go on, creating ever-increasing casualties, is political suicide.

What is it gonna take to spur Congress into action?

I can accept that, he may indeed be correct. Being as pessimistic as I have become about the "will" of a people who have voted in the Emperor-Who-Has-No-Clothes not just once but twice, I may be underestimating the hearts and minds of my countrymen.

That leaves the question of what is it going to take. I have an answer for that. Us, we the people, our will, our actions. That's it in a nutshell.

Sorry but blocking the Emperor's driveway or getting ourselves kicked out of political venues will not do it, picketing is not going to do it and deliberately getting ourselves arrested for misdemeanors is not going to do it. It might get us publicity and give us our 15 minutes of fame, it will not end the war.

Rosa Parks understood this when she sat down on that bus. She also understood that the issue was not about her. She was one person and she was tired. She started a revolution because a whole lot of folks were tired too. Ms. Parks never tried to make it about her, she knew she would have gone nowhere with her stance if the people were not behind her. The people were behind her though.

So there's your answer people. If we really want to stop this thing, if we really want to bring our troops home and if we honestly and truly believe that it is the will of the American people to do this, then lets all sit down on this bus.

Call a nationwide strike, don't buy, sell, work or contribute to this economy in any non-essential way. For one day. Just one day. Give our new congress their mandate, tell them that no, we aren't going to slap you down come next election for stopping this bus, we give you our permission to stop this thing by any means necessary. In fact, we DEMAND that you do it.

If we cannot or will not do that then it's all talk and we have no will. We're just talking to the hand.


cls said...

Thanks for this post. I am getting quite tired of the hysterics. Yes, I am frightened by what's going on, but we need to reach out to others, organize and resist. Thom Hartmann puts it well: it's never the politicians that are the leaders, it's We The People. We start the parade, and THEN the pols get in front of it.

Not Your Mama said...

Amen to that and btw, thanks for your support over there :).

The responsibility is ours and all the biatching in the world can't change that.

leftdog said...

As a Canadian looking in, all I can say is ... BRAVO!!!

ryk said...

It's a great idea, but I don't think the public is quite ready for it yet. It's coming though. If (when) this so-called surge fails miserably, I think we'll see massive demonstrations and actions like you suggest.

Not Your Mama said...

Yes, I tend to agree. I've mentioned this idea both in comments and in private several times and it usually results in...dead silence.

I put it out here because right now there is so much complaining gong on about the dems "not doing anything" when the truth is it's our fault as a people that they are hesitant to act decisively. We want someone to fix everything for us but we refuse to take any personal responsiblity for it.

I think some sort of surge is inevitable, Bush is not going to back down and I'll be very surprised if there is enough will to take serious measures to try and stop it. All I can hope for is that we are wrong about it and it won't be as disastrous as we fear. Realistically though, I expect a massacre. If others honestly believe this too then...someone please explain to me this reluctance to take any action whatsoever???

pesu said...

No, there is no way that I am able to fully understand the American mentality! Do you, Americans, yourself? There is practically only the President, his wife Laura, and his dog (whose name I forgot) on side with the "Surge" and to really do anything about it is somehow questionable and politically risky. The cut and run option would be saleable anywhere else except where it matters - in the U.S.. Churchill once said something like; "The Americans eventually do the right thing after they have tried all the others first"

Not Your Mama said...

Churchill once said something like; "The Americans eventually do the right thing after they have tried all the others first"

Churchill wasn't known for being entirely stupid now was he.

I don't have an answer. For a nation that proclaims its pride in being "down-to-earth" and using "good old-fashioned horse sense" we seem to have a severe shortage of both.

cls said...

Yeah buddy!

Women on the Verge said...

Why do people continue to do nothing??? I call it willful ignorance..." everything is fine in my little corner of the world... don't bug me, I want to watch football and American Idol..." I get blank stares and silence too, mama. No one likes the truth cause the truth ain't so pretty right now. We need to remember though, the revolution that was fought to give us our independence was fought by a small percentage of those living here. We did it once, we can do it again.

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