Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tasty Footwear for the Fetishist Set

We've all had to eat our own words at one time or another. Well, those of us who are not living in our own little delusional worlds divorced from reality or facts anyway. Sometimes I even enjoy eating my own words. My views tending to reflect my rather bleak view of human nature in general, for me being wrong can be an uplifting experience. Occasionally people surprise me and behave sensibly, ethically and with some grain of humanity.

Today isn't one of those days so I'm going to take the low road and indulge in a little much needed schadenfreude.

Everyone remember the great Capt. Jamil Hussein conspiracy story? Sure you do. The guy the rightosphere claimed never existed. Yeah, that guy. If he didn't exist then surely that added credibility to their claims of the MSM making false and alarmist reports regarding Iraq, things really aren't that bad after all.

Tell it to your mama, she has to love you, I don't.

Seems the same Iraqi government and US military officials who denied the existence of said captain have now arrested him. Can't have him speaking to the press and making Iraq looking like something less than a Sunday school picnic can we?

So do we get a mea culpa? Gee, sorry world, we goofed, yes, this man exists. Not a chance.

Khalaf said Thursday that with the arrest of Hussein for breaking police regulations against talking to reporters, the AP would be called to identify him in a lineup as the source of its story.

Should the AP decline to assist in the identification, Khalaf said, the case against Hussein would be dropped. He also said there were no plans to pursue action against the AP should it decline.

Have to just love that strategy. Force the AP to either throw their source to the dogs or leave themselves open to further attacks on their credibility via our very own flag-waving, assmonkey, far right "patriots". Patriots who've done their very best to destroy any semblance of a free press as we've known it. Let's make certain the AP can't win this one, either way they go they're screwed, score another one for our citizen patriots.

Hey AP folks, tell them to most respectfully kiss your ass. Tell them in the interest of "national security" and "not divulging sensitive information" you can neither confirm nor deny anything. Go ahead, it's what our government has been doing all along and it seems to play well in Peoria.

As for all you rightie bloggers, here's a tidbit from Media Matters which may help refresh your memory.

Curt at Flopping Aces described the police captain as "the fraud we know as Jamil Hussein."

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs
mocked the AP and "their nonexistent news sources."

SeeDubya at JunkYardBlog categorically
announced "There is no Captain Jamil Hussein,"
stressed "he doesn't really exist," that he's "non-existent," and suggested the AP source might actually be "Ayman Al-Zawahiri calling up the AP to give his version of events."

Armed Liberal at Winds of Change
declared, "We don't believe [Hussein] exists."

Michelle Malkin
mocked the AP's "bogus source Capt. Jamil Hussein."

"I'm still willing to take the word of an officer in the US Military over others,"
announced warblogger Anchoress.

Little Green Footballs
bemoaned "the Associated Press's right to lie to its customers and spread enemy propaganda" and insisted the global news outlet had been "hijacked by propagandists for terror gangs."

Rick Moran
declared that nobody needed "enemy propaganda coming from the AP."

There's more in the article but you get the picture, or you would if you ever allowed facts and reality to intrude upon your little slap-happy delusional worlds. Yes I know, everyone supports terrorism except you. We've heard your story repeatedly for years now. That boat still don't float.

My schadenfreude is only limited by the fact that this issue, as others before it, is not likely to shake many of your numbers because much like yourselves, they are also content to run around waving their flags and flapping their jaws accusing everyone who doesn't toe their party line of being part of a terrorist conspiracy to destroy the US of A.

The unpleasant truth is you are doing a pretty darn good job of doing that yourselves.


beepbeepitsme said...

Gees mate, doncha know, ya gotta support the party regardless of the actions of the party.

Get with the program - Dissent is unpatriotic! (Unless of course you are picking on a dude for having his knob sucked, then dissent is holy and righteous.)

pesu said...

Has it ever happened to you, that at the next table there is an interesting discussion going on and it's about to come to an exciting climax just to be outside of your hearing because the bastards lowered their voices? Something like that is happening with me and your interesting essay which I am not partially able to see, especially when you use blue and most of all red.

ryk said...

I've reached the conclusion that they wave that flag and talk tough to hide their own cowardice. They've been pissing their pants since 9/11. They hate the left and accuse us of treason because we refuse to demonize all the scary evil brown people.

Women on the Verge said...

I think this is really all about control... scare the population enough... make them believe they're under constant threat of attack and they'll gladly trade freedom for "security" ( a nice internment camp surrounded by comforting barbed wire so that none of the "bad guys" can get you). Wake up people... the real enemy of the government is Truth and they'll try to stop it at all cost...

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