Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Carson City Blues

That was fun. Had my days mixed up and was just lucky I went channel flipping and caught the festivities in Carson City on C-Span. Ok, I missed Dodd and Clinton, somehow I doubt I missed much and I'm sure someone will fill me in if I did.

Vilsack - managed to come off less weird than usual.
Edwards - still not buying it. No, paying for universal health care simply by eliminating the Bush tax cuts doesn't wash, do the math. No, you are not my brother.
Richardson - nothing new, straight and to the point. Summary: they talk about it, I've done it.
Joe Biden - the only one who surprised me a little, came out stronger than I expected. Don't totally disagree with his plan for Iraq, thing is: the Iraqis do. That's been the thorn all along. Mucho agreement on our problems with public and higher education.
Dennis Kucinich - um. Don't ask.
Mike Gravel - public suicide should not be televised.

Of course this is only my opinion and as Kos at Daily Kos has pointed out, I am jes' a dimwit Nevadan, what do I know. Not much probably. Maybe enough to know that having a mutual masturbation-fest with party idealogues has never won us an election. Just a theory. From a dimwit Nevadan.


Rick said...

Too bad you missed Chris Dodd. I was surprised with how comfortable he made me feel. You can see a video of the forum here: