Thursday, February 22, 2007

One Nevada Dimwit's Point of View

If Nevada politics bores you, you might want to skip this because I'm on one this morning. Big time. Trying to take deep breaths and not just start flinging turds.

My frustration grows and grows. After reading some of the early blog commentary regarding yesterday's speechifying in Carson City I have reached an even deeper understanding of why we have never become the majority party in most of the country.

We (as in the democratic party) just don't get it. We're so wrapped up in party politics and being on the "right side" of every itty-bitty issue that comes up so as to remain in good standing with the cool kids that we completely forget who it was we were supposed to want to represent. Let me remind you. It was regular people. Not party hacks, not wanna-be blogging mega-stars, not just the all-important and ever snarky Las Vegas pundits and definitely not the ultra-rich and uber-cool folks in Pacific Palisades who do not give a rats ass about Nevadans even on a good day.

Quit thinking about all those people for a minute, dig your cranium out of your rear and take a long, hard look at reality. Those people may give you a lot of cash and that's always helpful. They won't get anyone elected. They get one vote, same as me, same as all the old folks living in the trailer park. There are more of us.

Let's begin with Taylor Marsh, "the antidote to rightwing talk".

The reason I missed Richardson was because Edwards took the time to go into the media room and answer a lot of questions, starting off with Iraq.

What about poverty and gambling, was another question. Edwards was flat out honest, saying he hadn't thought about it, but he would after the question and thanked the reporter for asking it.

The last question came at the same time someone came to tell him time was up. What do you think about legalized prostitution in Nevada? Edwards laughed and said, "That's a good question to leave on." Then laughing and leaving the room Edwards added with a laugh, "I can't believe you asked that question." Chuckling as he walked out the door.

Great reporting there Ms. Marsh. You missed a candidates speech so you could ask John Edwards how he felt about gambling and prostitution. I'm so sure those are matters of great national concern. In my perfect world Edwards would have responded, "gee, I never gave it much thought Taylor but how do you feel about having fried okra shoved up your ass by a guy whistling Dixie?". Now THAT would have gotten him some western votes. Luckily for all of us he simply laughed in your foolish face and made a graceful exit.

Here was what you did manage to cover of Gov. Richardson's appearance:

Richardson was next and I missed quite a bit of it.

"We should not be known for Abu Ghraid." - Bill Richardson

Richardson arrived about 1:00 p.m., according to a reporter in the media room. He talked about "worker protections" and "environmental protections" in our trade agreements, which he believes should be fair trade, not just free trade, which includes dealing with "wage disparity."

Richardson closed by talking about the world and Darfur, but made a point of saying we need to talk to our enemies, too.

I can see why this would not have interested you much. Nothing scurrilous or scandalous enough to insure more hits to your blog. After all, it's all about you isn't it? Oh, by the way, "Senator Reid greeted us at about 11am, Governor Richardson arrived just about then, spoke to the group and did a LOT of schmoozing before heading over to the Community Center." That's 11am dear, not 1pm. You might try poking your head out to see what's going on now and then.

Then there is this in the Las Vegas Gleaner re: Fox news coverage of the August debate.

Reid is not interested in assuring Democratic majorities (or Democratic policies) by changing the public's mind as much as he is in convincing a majority of the public that Democrats like guns too, have values too, hate taxes too and are, if not right on the issues, then at least, oh, acceptable.

So what are you saying here, Reid is interested in assuring a Republican majority? Don't think so, next. By the way Gleaner people, a lot of Democrats do have guns, we do have values which may or may not be the same as the average Republican's but we have them, and we do hate taxes, we're usually just a little more reasonable about seeing the need for some.

I do get so tired of having to explain things to folks but dammit-all, someone who isn't one of the special folks has got to do it.

I'm hardly Harry Reid's biggest cheerleader as some of my previous posts can attest to but there is a reason Reid has been in the senate since 1986 in a RED state. He isn't stupid. He's smart enough to choose his battles and realize that bending on some issues can mean the difference between life and death on bigger issues. Do you want to nitpick about reaching out to try and snag a few votes from across the aisle or would you rather not have a fully operational Yucca Mountain Project and keep feeding troops to Iraq? In case you've forgotten, 1% can be the difference between being Mr./Madam President or "who was that guy who ran in.....?"

Grow up.

JWH comments on Hillary's lack of appropriate butt-kissing to the press:

Don't pass out from shock when I tell you this, but Hillary Clinton flat out avoided the press. No one seen her arrive or leave. It was like magic. I guess we'll find out within the next couple of years if a candidate can win an election on money alone without actually answering the hard questions from the media.

JWH, don't pass out from shock but the press ain't impressing us much. I'm sorry if she didn't take time to pontificate upon her stance towards gambling and prostitution but something had to get cut y'know. Hillary isn't my numero uno either but props to her for not being retarded.

CLS from Blue Lyon was there, "I've read elsewhere that the local press and some bloggers felt that she avoided them. That might have been because she was actually spending time with Democrats - visiting over at the legislature, taking a trip through Comma Coffee (one of our attendees told us she had been over there meeting people and shaking hands), meeting with Democratic women, speaking at the forum. And then she came over to visit with us before heading off to Las Vegas for a 5pm speaking engagement."

In addition to all of this local fun I'd put money on most people being tired of listening to the pundits debate whether or not Obama is "Black enough" or Richardson is "Mexican enough".

While we've pretty much established that Biden might be clean but not so articulate I have to ask the burning question: is Edwards Cracker enough to win the Cracker vote? Enquiring minds want to know.


cls said...

Have I mentioned today how much you ROCK?

Not Your Mama said...

Thanks you ;). I appreciated your unslanted birds-eye view of the event. Many of the bloggers made it all about themselves, as usual you were the voice of sanity.

I'm sure I will earn much hate for saying what I say but that is the wonderful thing about being small, unimportant and not in anyones employ.

Nevada Blogger: JWH said...

Thanks God for the press or we would of never heard about the way our troops our being treated at Walter Reed's building 18 for example. Leave your limbs on the battlefield of Iraq and come home to rat infested recovery rooms and black mold.

Senator Claire McCaskill says it best...

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Well, it‘s great having you on. I‘m taking you on because you‘re the only senator I‘ve got in front of me tonight. But let‘s face it, there‘s a lot of activity out there now that wasn‘t there three days ago. And with all the bashing of the press, once again, it‘s the press that brings the news to the politicians so they can act because they have to at that point.

SEN. CLAIRE MCCASKILL, (D) MISSOURI: And by the way, my congratulations to the journalist who wrote this story...

MATTHEWS: It‘s Dana Priest, she‘s about—I‘m sure she deserves it and she‘s coming on.

SEN. CLAIRE MCCASKILL, (D) MISSOURI: ... she deserves it.

This is what this is all about. This is what journalism is supposed to be about in this country.

And we should have done this better and thank goodness we have a free press that—that points out how badly we‘re doing something so we hopefully can get it fixed.

Not Your Mama said...

That is what journalism is supposed to be all about.

Very true, I could not have told anyone about Walter Reed and to be honest I'm hoping someone in the press has the smarts to realize Walter Reed is far from the only VA hospital with some serious issues.

A bit of trivia and clowning is fun. I just expected a little better from the big guns on an event that may have been important at least in how Nevadans may vote.

We don't have many votes but our early primary may be a deciding element in how much media coverage some candidates do or do not get and tip the balance between being a "real" contender or not.

Flimsy Sanity said...

We're so wrapped up in party politics and being on the "right side" of every itty-bitty issue that comes up so as to remain in good standing with the cool kids that we completely forget who it was we were supposed to want to represent.

Exactly explains all of politics - from the local level to the UN.

ps. When I read your blog, I picture you animated and gesturing. I like people who get pissed off rather than passive poops. We still might be victims but we are not pleased about it.

Not Your Mama said...

The only good time to take things lying down is when you need to throw 'em off guard long enough to recharge your broomstick.

Anonymous said...

What a delicious post!!

Featheriver said...

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Good assessment I thought.